North America Needs Live-Action Animated Plays


Japan, being the country that founded anime and manga, has long celebrated the medium of anime in a way that many other countries haven’t had the opportunity to, with merchandise and unique events taking place in the eastern country. In recent years, a number of major anime franchises have had the opportunity in Japan to bring their stories to life, as a number of live plays have often been the only way for many anime series to reach the real world and it’s time. that North America, and the world, got into the action.

Of the many live plays that have been introduced to Japan, the likes of My Hero Academia, Beastars, Jujutsu Kaisen, Spirited Away and Naruto have all found their place on stage. Recently, Hulu even announced that the streaming service would broadcast the performance live for Taken away as if by magicproving that there is a desire to see this new take on not just one of Studio Ghibli’s classic movies, but the anime world as a whole.

(Photo: Shueisha)

Both anime and manga continued to grow in popularity in North America, with the desire for both proving highly lucrative for the creative minds responsible for both. With COVID-19 increasing manga sales around the world to astronomical degrees and streaming services currently battling to see who can claim supremacy in anime gaming, now seems like the perfect time to bring some parts of anime theater in the West.


Broadway in New York has proven time and time again that there is always a market for people to sit down in a theater and watch a show, even if Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark was unable to achieve the success he needed to continue in perpetuity. With anime release events such as these plays, not to mention anime attractions and art exhibits, there’s a lot to bring when it comes to anime in North America, and many fans would jump on the occasion to further explore these unique takes on the world of anime.

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