Nozaki-kun’s Japanese Voice Actors Starred In MHA And More Huge Anime

Some anime fans may like a good romance while others prefer anything and everything. For those somewhere in between, Girls’ Monthly Nozaki-kun might do the trick. The story follows Sakura Chiyo, a high school girl in love with her oblivious classmate Nozaki Umetaro. When Sakura attempts to confess her feelings, he misinterprets her actions and ends up giving her an autograph signed under another name. It turns out that Nozaki is a shojo manga artist who uses Yumeno Sakiko as a pseudonym. In an unexpected turn of events, Sakura becomes one of his assistants. Girls’ Monthly Nozaki-kun puts a comedic spin on typical shojo tropes, making for an entertaining and fun romance anime for everyone.

For fans who have seen enough anime to recognize familiar voices from various series, some characters from Girls’ Monthly Nozaki-kun a bell will ring. The Japanese cast, which includes recognizable actors, features voices from shonen favorites such as Jujutsu Kaisen, my hero academia and Hunter X Hunter. Here are the Japanese voice actors of Girls’ Monthly Nozaki-kun and where you’ve heard them before.

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Nakamura Yuichi (MHA, Jujutsu Kaisen) as Nozaki Umetaro

Nakamura Yuichi plays the seemingly aloof Nozaki who is a shojo manga artist despite having no first-hand romantic experience or past relationships. To make it even more ironic, it seems like he’s oblivious to Sakura’s feelings. This results in a series of chaotic, supposedly romantic situations with Sakura that get lost in translation. For veteran anime fans who follow voice actors, Nakamura Yuichi’s name will be quite familiar. His other iconic roles include Gojo Satoru in Jujutsu Kaisenhawks in my hero academiaKuroo Tetsuro in Haikyu!! and Soma Shigure in Fruit basket.

Ozawa Ari (Kaguya-sama, Promised Neverland) as Sakura Chiyo

Ozawa Ari is the voice of Girls’ Monthly Nozaki Kunthe kind and bubbly protagonist of Sakura. After attempting to confess to Nozaki, she finds herself becoming one of his assistants instead. A member of the school’s art club, Sakura is good at coloring, which makes her perfect for manga work.

As the two grow closer working together, Sakura hopes to finally set the record straight with Nozaki regarding her feelings for him. Ozawa also played Hikawa Hina in Bang Dream!Tsuguha in NoragamiFujiwara Moeha in Kaguya-sama: Love is war and the infamous Conny in The promised never-never land.

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Sawashiro Miyuki (Hunter x Hunter, SAO) as Seo Yuzuki

Sawashiro Miyuki plays the daring Seo Yuzuki, whom Sakura has befriended since they sat next to each other in class. The character of Seo in Girls’ Monthly Nozaki-kun is a combination of opposing traits. She is excellent at sports but lacks a lot of social cues, so she has no sense of teamwork. As such, she is also seen as blunt and rude.

Despite this, Seo has an amazing singing voice that is even described as angelic, earning him the title of Lorelei’s Choir Club. Sawashiro Miyuki also voices Kurapika in Hunter X Hunter (2011), Asada Shino in Sword Art OnlineBishamon in Noragamiand Koyanagi Hanako in Wotakoi: Love is hard for Otaku.

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Okamoto Nobuhiko (Haikyuu!!, Food Wars!) as Mikoshiba Mikoto

The familiar Okamoto Nobuhiko voices Mikoshiba, also known as Beloved Mikorin. A friend of Nozaki who helps draw the manga’s background elements, Mikorin is quite popular with the girls at school due to his good looks, but he also gets easily annoyed and embarrassed.

Mikoshiba is the model character of Mamiko, the heroine of Nozaki’s story. Okamoto Nobuhiko also voices Bakugo Katsuki in my hero academiaUsui Takumi in Happy Sama!Nishinoya Yuu in Haikyu!! and Kurokiba Ryou in Food wars! : Shokugeki no Soma.

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Nakahara Mai (Fairy Tail, Clannad) as Kashima Yuu

Nakahara Mai plays Kashima, also known as “School Prince” in Girls’ Monthly Nozaki-kun. Kashima was originally Mikoshiba’s rival, but they eventually became friends after Mikoshiba couldn’t win against her. Besides being the usual leader of the drama club, Kashima is also the apple of the eye of all the girls at school. Her antics often cause the club’s president, Hori, to use violence to discipline her.

Kashima’s Japanese voice actor, Nakahara Mai, is also Furukawa Nagisa in ClannadJuvia Lockser in Fairy tale and Ryugu Rena in Higurashi: When they cry.

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Ono Yuki (Beastars, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure) as Hori Masayuki

Ono Yuki is the voice behind Nozaki-kunHori, president of Nozaki’s school drama club, who is also one of Nozaki’s manga assistants. At the theater club, he mainly takes care of the staging and the creation of sets and props. Kashima teases him for his height, and although the two bicker a lot, Hori remains a good senpai for Kashima. Ono Yuki also voiced Higashikata Josuke in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: The Diamond Is UnbreakableKagami Taiga in Kuroko no basketLouis in Beastars and Isami Aldini in Food wars! : Shokugeki no Soma.

Kimura Ryohei (Angel Beats!, Dorohedoro) as Wakamatsu Hirotaka

Kimura Ryohei voices Wakamatsu, Nozaki’s junior from his basketball days. He is still on the basketball team as of now, which makes him constantly stressed by Seo’s chaotic behavior during practices. Because of this, Wakamatsu also has trouble sleeping, that is, until he hears Lorelei’s singing.

He eventually helps with Nozaki’s manga by working on the screentones. In other anime, Kimura Ryohei voiced Kise Ryota in Kuroko no basketBokuto Kotaro in Haikyu!!Hinata Hideki in The angel beats! and Johnson in Dorohedoro.

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