One Piece Chapter 1033 Summary

The chapter One Piece 1033 is published in the Weekly Shonen Jump N ° 52 (2021) Monday November 29, 2021 in Japan. It is released in French on Sunday November 28 on Manga Plus FR and Glénat Manga Max. The summary and the first sketch are available.

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Chapter One Piece 1033: Shimotsuki Kozaburo

Zoro attacks King directly, but there is an explosion.

Sanji Vs. Queen.

Queen: ”This guy is a survivor of the“ Lunarian race ”, which must have been annihilated. A monster that can survive in any environment in this world. In ancient times, they were called “Gods.” !!

Sanji: “Why were they annihilated?”

Queen: ”Ask him yourself !!”

Zoro Vs. King again. Zoro manages to survive the explosion because he defended himself with the Haki of the weaponry on his arms.

Zoro attacks King with his “Shishishi Sonson” but it doesn’t matter to him. King strikes back.

Zoro’s swords begin to fall off the island, so he remembers something from his past.

Zoro remembers Hitetsu’s words regarding Kuina and Enma’s saber created by Shimotsuki Kozaburo.

Zoro: “So Wanokuni’s sabers ended up in East Blue? ”

This part is really long but the leaker summed it up.

Kozaburo said that each sword has its own personality.

Weak swordsmen who are not able to control swords fear them and that is why they say they are “cursed”.

Zoro later finds out that Shimotsuki Kozaburo was Kuina’s grandfather.

Zoro: ”What I lack is strength !! Is it possible that Oden was able to use you even when you were absorbing so much Haki? Huh, Enma? ” (NDT: Zoro talks to his Zanpakutô where what?)

The Beast Pirates try to attack Zoro.

Zoro: “What should I do? Should I regulate my Haki? No… I’ll give you what you want !! ”

The Beast Pirates who were getting closer to Zoro are falling apart.

King: “Are you really going to try to become a” king “?

Zoro: “Of course… I made a promise to my captain and my best friend !!!”

End. One Piece Chapter 1034 releases on Friday 03 December 2021.

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