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The chapter One Piece 1067 is published in the Weekly Shōnen Jump No.51 (2022) Monday November 21, 2022 in Japan. RAW and summary are available. It will be available online, friday november 18. It officially comes out in French on Sunday November 20 2022.

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>>>RAW of One Piece Scan Chapter 1067

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Chapter One Piece 1067: Punk Records

Cover: Caesar and Judge clash.

Vegapunk is a born genius but he is also the user of the Brain Fruit (Nomi Nomi no Mi) which allows him to amass unlimited knowledge, that’s why he has a huge head.

The title refers to the top section of Egghead inside the egg, which is made from Vegapunk’s brain.

The ancient robot was created in the forgotten century and 200 years ago it attacked the world government.

CP0 arrives on EggHead, they say they are here to return Seraph Kuma but they are denied access.

At the end of the chapter, the real Kuma on Kamabakka Island gets up and starts running.

He will have a break next week. One Piece Chapter 1068 releases on December 2, 2022.

One Piece Scan Chapter 1067

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Weekly Shōnen Jump N°51 (2022)

Cover and color page: AngÖ Gakuen no Iroha
Color Page: My Hero Academia, Undead Unluck, and Ichinose-ke no Taizai!
Absent: Jujutsu Kaisen, Black Clover

One Piece Weekly Release Schedule:

L’One Piece episode 1041 will correspond to chapter 1019. For the manga, the next chapter 1067 is releasing in Japan on November 21, 2022 (November 18, 2022 in simultrad.) in Weekly Shônen Jump N°51 (2022). There is therefore currently 48 chapters difference between anime and manga.

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