One Piece: complete madness at the cinema as fans undress

The One Piece RED movie has just arrived in French cinemas and the nightmare of Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen sessions is repeated.

The release of a Japanese animated film in French cinemas always arouses great enthusiasm, especially when it comes to a successful franchise. However, a startling new trend has been creeping into these sessions for some time. On the occasion of the release of films Demon Slayer: The Infinity Train and Jujutsu Kaisen Zero, many movie theaters found themselves upside down. Fans come for it create a chaotic atmosphere and civility gives way to total crush.

The latest One Piece movie hasn’t even officially been released yet and some theaters have already paid the price for hordes of frenzied viewers. Cries and howls, half-naked spectators in front of the screens and rooms left in a pitiful state… This is the kind of horror that was seen in cinemas in Marseille and Bordeaux when the feature film was shown in preview.

Cinemas and distraught spectators

While Le Grand Rex had to react in a press release after the disastrous sessions of the film Jujutsu Kaisen last March, the Parisian preview of One Piece took place normally (but not without a few cries of joy). However, although the message passed in this cinema, it was unfortunately far from being the case in the south of France.

In Marseille, raging fans completely ruined the most important scene of the film by setting the room on fire and blood. Crowd in front of the screen, seats shaken and popcorn thrown: these are the horrible situations that we had to undergo the other spectators, who came to enjoy the film in a correct atmosphere. A video went around Tiktok and Twitter showing the extent of the situation. However watch out for spoilers since the short extract shows one of the turnarounds of the film.

On the Bordeaux side, spectators visibly exasperated and disappointed by the film preferred activate the room’s fire alarm rather than keep watching it. The fans are disgusted and the cinema employees find themselves overwhelmed with complaints, and especially with nonsense to clean up and correct. It is sad to see this kind of behavior in such a public place, especially when these inappropriate gestures impact so many people. Let’s hope then that these lunar situations will not take place in the official release of the film this Wednesday, August 10both for the spectators and for the employees who did not ask for anything.