One Piece exceeds the record of volumes sold of Dragon Ball in France –

One Piece’s New Record

Like every year, the ranking of the best-selling manga of the year has been published. The surprise was huge.

New record

One Piece and Dragon Ball Z fight for the throne of the best-selling manga for quite a long time now. Released for 25 and 38 years already (for the overall Dragon Ball franchise), the two manga have largely marked the times and seem to survive the new generations. Competition and newcomers are very frequent, but they always seem to dominate with their power and their timeless stories.

For the first time in France, the number of One Piece volumes sold exceeded that of Dragon Ball Z, with more than 5.6 million copies sold. A huge figure, while DBZ only sold 1.8 million.

The two Japanese behemoths

For years, the two fan bases manga are fighting to elect the best book ever released. However, 2021 seems to have put the ball in the court of Luffy admirers and pirates.

With these astronomical figures, One Piece has become the most profitable manga in France, accounting for a total of 30 million sales. Toriyama recorded “only” 26 million sales in France with his manga.

Both are considered landmarks of Japanese culture, and despite the numbers, this is far from stopping.

The other major successes of the year

If DBZ and One Piece pulverized the sales, it is also the case of other mangas. The France is a big consumer of manga, as these figures unequivocally show.

The rest of the ranking

After so One Piece in first position with 5,645,984 sales and Dragon Ball with 1,867,934 sales in 2021we find Tokyo Revengers, with 1.2 million sales, which completes last year’s podium. A nice arrival, because the manga has only been published since 2017 in Japan.

Then we find Berserk, with 1 million copies sold, then Dr Stone, with 814,666 volumes sold during the year. The latter has just ended, the final chapter was published at the end of last week.

The “all times” ranking of Glénat is quite similar, since we find, in order: One Piece in first position, then Dragon Ball, Bleach, Berserk and finally Tokyo Ghoul.

Where are the others ?

This ranking only countsread manga from Glénat editions. This explains the absence of other manga game greats, such as narutowhich is published by Kana in France.

Moreover, one could add without great surprise Jujutsu Kaisen in the overall ranking. He is one of the latest arrivals and yet seems to have largely imposed himself in the field, with nearly 30 million volumes sold worldwide in 2021.