One Piece, Hunter x Hunter…: 6 manga that exhausted their creators

While Yoshihiro Togashi, creator of Hunter x Hunter has just spoken in a very intimate way about his state of health vis-à-vis the exhausting conduct of his work, a return to the ever more deleterious working conditions of these workers. This contrasts with the voracity of fans towards the consumption of their favorite manga.

Short deadlines, constant demand, the mangakas can’t take it anymore

While publishers like that of the Weekly Shōnen Jump impose ever shorter publication deadlines to mangaka in the writing of their works, and that the distribution of anime is accelerating – in order to meet the ever more constant demand from fans – it is good to take a step back and consider the mental and physical health of their creators.

Mangaka express themselves more and more often in the media or on the networks to express their exhaustion due to their working conditions, but also the fatigue due to many years of working on the same project. Here are some examples.

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Tite Kubo – Bleach

We know, for example, that Tite Kubo, creator of Bleach, stopped his work in March 2016. If the too high production costs and the fact that the anime caught up too quickly with the manga in its progress justified the stop of the manga, behind the scenes, he said to himself that Kubo’s health was deteriorating slightly. This because of work which he must have produced for 15 years. Today, the manga will resume, through a final arc, signifying the end of the project.

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Eiichiro Oda – One Piece

Eiichiro Oda, author of One Piece, is perhaps the most convincing example. At work on manga since 1997, Oda imposes absolutely daunting working hours. He … not sleeps for example only three hours a night during a typical working week, has a habit of get up at 5 a.m., and can work for 21 hours straight. Such a burden that caused him many health problems, so much so that he was said to be seriously ill and washed out, in 2020. The 45-year-old had thus slowed down the pace of productionthus taking a week off every three weeks of work.

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Masashi Kishimoto – naruto

Let’s also talk about the creator of the series naruto, Masashi Kishimoto. This one had begged to be left a little quiet with respect to his rhythm: I can’t. Please let me rest now, he said. He later admitted to having completed his masterpiece with some difficulty, due to fatigue and fifteen years of weekly publication.

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Gege Akutami- Jujutsu Kaisen

Last year, it was the turn of mangaka Gege Akutami and creator of Jujutsu Kaisen to suffer health problems. He had announced in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine his interruption for health reasons, for at least one month. The success of his work contributed to wearing down the 29-year-old author, whose last chapters already betrayed growing fatigue.

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Yoshihiro Togashi – Hunter x Hunter

Today, it’s Yoshihiro Togashi’s turn, father of Hunter x Hunter, to lift the veil on his case and his health problems during the conduct of his work. We know that a few years ago, he had undergone a serious back operation, which had forced him to take a break.

In a birthday post commemorating 35 years of his work on manga such as HxH eyou Yu Yu HakushoTogashi said thathe couldn’t draw anymore HxH sitting on his desk. Instead, he must now lie down with a pillow against your back to continue the series.

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To everyone, I sincerely ask you to take care of your back and your hips. Just two weeks before writing this post, I couldn’t get into a position to wipe my butt and had to take a shower every time I pooped. It takes me 3 to 5 times longer to complete daily movements. Your hips are important.

Kentaro Miura – Berserk

If we won’t venture to say that the legendary Kentaro Miura died because of his work on his masterpiece Berserkgiven the fact that one of his assistants himself took the mangaka’s way of life out of the reasons that led to his death, we know, however, that his precise drawing, reflecting his incredible eye for detail, was exhausting to say the least. In 2019, he was also afraid of dying before finishing the adventures of Guts and Casca.

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All this shows that the working conditions of mangakas are extremely difficult. Few successful authors can take long breaks during the publication of their work. There is real work to be done for publishers on the conditions of mangaka. Back in 2021, where Ken Akamatsu, creator of the popular title Love Hinanevertheless welcomed the decision of Weekly Shōnen Jump to spare Yoshihiro Togashi on Jujutsu Kaisen.

For a long time, the Jump was in ‘breaks are not allowed’ mode. So it’s a very good thing that current Jump editors suggested the author take a long break.”