One Piece, Lena Situations, Civil Code … the best-selling books thanks to the Culture Pass

On May 21, 2021, the government rolled out the Culture Pass in France. Through this initiative, all 18-year-olds were thus offered a “gift voucher” of 300 euros in order to have fun in the cultural field, whether by buying books, going to concerts, visiting museums, taking music lessons …

As one might suspect, this Culture Pass has therefore made people happy, especially in the literary field. According to figures published by Weekly Books, these are more1.5 million manga which were purchased in the space of 7 months (the Pass has a duration of 24 months), confirming the success of these Japanese works which have never been so numerous and which have experienced a new boom thanks to Netflix which has gradually focused its development on putting anime online mostly adapted from these same comics.

Manga has hit the mark thanks to the Culture Pass

And unsurprisingly, the titles that have benefited the most from this Culture Pass are also the most famous manga of the moment. Thus, in first place in the ranking of 22 books (all genres combined) sold in more than 5,000 copies, we find … One Piece (Glénat) with over 300,000 sales. What confirms the hype around the work of Eiichiro Oda which will end in 4 to 5 years and who will soon have the right to his own live-action series on Netflix.

The podium is then completed by Demon Slayer (Panini Manga) and The attack of the Titans (Pika Edition), two manga now completed, with nearly 200,000 volumes sold. Enough to leave with our heads held high for Koyoharu Gotōge and Hajime Isayama, their respective authors. A little further, My Hero Academia (Ki-oon) can boast of having passed 150,000 copies, while Jujutsu Kaisen (Ki-oon), Berserk (Glénat) – who recently lost his mangaka and Naruto (Kana) sold for nearly 115,000 volumes each. Finally, it should be noted that some new features have also been able to surf this Pass, whether Spy x Family with 20,000 volumes sold Where Mashle with 13,000 volumes sold.

Young people aged 18 interested in Léna Situation and the Civil Code

However, do not believe that 18-year-olds have only taken advantage of the Culture Pass to catch up on these must-see manga. Also according to Livres Hebdo, two personal development books have in turn been successful namely Burn after writing by Sharon Jones with 13,400 Sales and Always more by Léna Situations with 11,600 Sales.

Likewise, The Bridgertons Chronicle by Julia Quinn had an incredible rebound thanks to season 1 of the series adapted on Netflix with 11,000 additional sales. Finally, be aware that students also used the offer to advance in their studies with 18 800 Code Civil sold and 5 600 Lexicons of legal terms 2021-2022 elapsed.

Yes, if France seems to be understaffed in the restaurant business, it should not be short of lawyers / magistrates in the years to come.