One-Punch Man: the official anime account sows doubt and fears the worst about season 3

A few weeks ago, fans of One-Punch Man was over the moon. But the happiness concerning season 3 of the adventures of Saitama may well be tainted by this announcement, made on the official account of the anime.

One-Punch Man stirs up trouble

On December 7, we learned some great news: after a particularly disappointing season 2 with regard to the visual qualities of the first, One-Punch Man will soon be entitled to a season 3, apparently produced by the legendary studio MAPPA. If you are a fan of Japanese animation, or if you simply visit our site often, then the name of this studio may not be unfamiliar to you. Founded in 2010, MAPPA is behind some of the biggest hits of recent yearsof Jujutsu Kaisen in the fourth season of The attack of the TitansPassing by Dororo and more recently chain saw man.

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The MAPPA studio was able to impose its very particular touch, with an often exceptional animation, and the schedule of its next productions is enough to make you dizzybetween season 2 of Vinland Saga (which will appear from January 10, 2023), the adaptation of Hell’s Paradiseseason 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen (which we recently discovered the first teaserwith the release date), or even the last part of the final season of The attack of the Titans (of which we managed to guess the release date).

But a recent post on the official Twitter page of One-Punch Man comes to stir up trouble among fans who are impatiently waiting for this season 3 produced by the studio founded by Masao Maruyama.

This is the only official Twitter account for the anime “One-Punch Man”.
Please don’t be misled by unofficial information from other accounts.
Accurate information will be announced from this account when it is time.#onepunchman

December 23, 2022

This is the anime’s only official Twitter account One-Punch Man. Please do not be misled by unofficial information from other accounts. More specific information will be announced on this account when the time comes.

If he does not explicitly deny the fact that MAPPA will produce season 3 of One-Punch Man, the official account of the series talks about information “unofficial“can”to mislead” the fans. Given that the information, which had gone around the editorial staff of specialized sites, was not officially announced either by MAPPA or by the official account of the anime, we can deduce that it was only of rumours.

Which would be very clearly harmful: indeed, the studio behind chain saw man is today such a guarantee of quality that it acts almost like a brand, able to revive the enthusiasm of fans disappointed by the second season. But hey, we can still hope that season 3 will be produced by MAPPA… After all, it’s Christmas, isn’t it?