Over a million manga have been sold through the Culture Pass

Livres Hebdo reveals the ranking of the best sales of books made with this device, reserved for 18-year-olds. The manga dominates this top.

Booksellers had noted the arrival in their shops of new faces leaving with dozens of volumes of Japanese comics under their arm. Specialized publishers had revealed a strong increase in sales of their flagship series. The figures published this Thursday by Livres Hebdo confirm the intuition of an entire profession: the manga sector has benefited greatly from the Culture Pass, this envelope of 300 euros offered by the State to 18-year-olds for their cultural expenses. More than 1.5 million copies of manga have been sold via the device since its generalization on May 21, according to data from Pass Culture.

The Culture Pass lists 22 books that have been purchased in more than 5,000 copies each. The manga occupies 15 places including the first 12. Unsurprisingly, the most popular series in France dominate this top: more than 300,000 sales for One Piece, nearly 200,000 for Demon Slayer and the attack of the Titans, 150,000 for My Hero Academia, between 105,000 and 115,000 for Jujutsu Kaisen, Berserk et Naruto…. Other more confidential series emerge in the ranking, such as Spy x Family (20,000 sales), Mashle (13,000) or Haikyu (10,000). Note also the 20,000 sales of Solo Leveling, a Korean comic book.

So what are the other books that have managed to find a place in this ranking? Law students took advantage of their Pass to acquire the annotated Civil Code (18,800 sales) and the Glossary of legal terms 2021-2022 (5600 sales). The other works benefited from a “effet Netflix“Or”social media effect». This is the case with Burn after writing, a hybrid between diary and personal development manual that has become a phenomenon on TikTok (13,400 sales), Always more, another personal development book written by influencer Léna Situations (11,600 sales) and The Bridgetons Chronicle, a novel adapted into hit Netflix series (11,000 sales). The only intruder in the ranking, the series of fantasy novels The Mirror Pass, written by the French Christelle Dabos (5400 sales).

This top 22 represents a third of book purchases made through the Culture Pass. To date, 18-year-olds have purchased 164,582 different titles.

The video game in ambush

Six months after the generalization of the Culture Pass, the purchase of books remains in fact the main use of this envelope of 300 euros. “Books represent 81.6% of bookings, against 5.5% for cinema and 4.6% for music», Indicates the public body to Figaro. The orders of magnitude change when you look at the amounts spent. “Books rise to 53% in value, followed by cinema at 17% and musical instruments at 13%. These are expensive!»

Another category will soon be closely scrutinized: video games. If gaming is eligible for the Culture Pass, the criteria are so restrictive that many players did not wish to participate in the system. It must be said that digital players (music, video, press, games …) do not touch a cent in the operation, unlike book publishers, theaters or cinemas.

But since November 10, Microsoft’s “video game Netflix”, the Game Pass, has entered the Culture Pass. 18-year-olds will only be able to benefit from a three-month trial subscription, which will withdraw 30 euros from their pot, and they will only be able to play on PC. But the content of the Game Pass, which includes games from 2021 like Flight Simulator, Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5 Where Age of Empire IV, may well attract them.