Quimper – Quimper box office: “Sonic 2, the film” takes the lead

We are witnessing a palace revolution at the Quimper box office with a completely renewed top three, which is rather rare! “Sonic 2, the movie” is the new leader with 1,342 admissions in the first week. For the anecdote, it is a score almost identical to the first part of the franchise which had benefited from the support of 1,337 spectators, from February 12 to 18, 2020.

“En corps”, by Cédric Klapisch, ranks second with 796 admissions, a rather modest total in view of the French director’s past performance. Let us recall, in particular, that “The Spanish Inn” had been seen by 2,068 spectators in the first week of operation, from June 19 to 25, 2002. “Morbius” (662 admissions) moved to third place . “The Batman”, at the top for a month, now holds fourth place, while accumulating 5,861 spectators.

Attendance jumps

Much further in the hierarchy, the other novelties make up the numbers. “Freaks Out” is lost in sixteenth place with 116 admissions (including 7 in VO). Lower still, we find “The world of yesterday” (122 entries), “Aristocrats” (83), “Azuro” (36), “Icarus” (27) and “Vedette” (11).

Good news, overall attendance (4,922 admissions to Cinéville, 2,264 to Katorza, or 7,186 in total) recorded a spectacular increase of nearly 90% compared to the previous week.

in complement

The Top 15 films in Quimper from March 30 to April 5

1 (N). “Sonic 2, the film” (Cinéville): 1,342 admissions.

2 (N). “In body” (Katorza): 796 entries.

3 (N). “Morbius” (Cinéville): 662 admissions.

4 (1). “The Batman” (Cinéville): 391 admissions

. 5 (2).

“Notre-Dame is burning” (Cinéville): 287 admissions. 6 (8).

“The time of secrets” (Cinéville): 284 admissions. 7 (4).

“Uncharted” (Cinéville): 224 entries .

8 (6). “Goliath” (Cinéville): 206 admissions.

9 (3). “The brigade” (Cinéville): 196 admissions.

10 (10). “The Shadow of a Lie” (Katorza): 184 entries.

11 (5). “Jujutsu Kaisen 0: the movie” (Cinéville): 151 admissions.

12 (7). “Ambulance” (Cinéville): 142 admissions.

13 (9). “Retirement home” (Cinéville): 136 admissions.

14 (13). “Encanto: the fantastic Madrigal family” (Cinéville): 132 admissions

. 15 (11).

“Only the earth is eternal” (Katorza): 127 entries.

In preview : “The Bad Guys” (Cinéville), 84 admissions; “What have we all done to God” (Cinéville), 74 entries; “At the same time” (Katorza), 15 entries.An asterisk in parentheses corresponds to a threshold of 4,000 cinema admissions in Quimper. Two asterisks (**) correspond to a minimum of 8,000 entries; three asterisks (***) at 12,000+ entries, etc. The numbers in parentheses indicate the previous week’s ranking. (N) corresponds to a novelty and (RE) to a return.