Quiz: do your Chinese portrait, we’ll tell you which anime character is your best friend

“Besto Friendo! Impossible that an anime fan does not have the ref of Itadori and Todo (Jujutsu Kaisen). Your besto friendo is your ultimate best friend! Do you want to know which anime character you would be best friends with? So take this quiz and make your Chinese portrait!


If you were a mountain you would be:

If you were a disguise you would be:

If you were a bath mat you would be:

If you were a drink you would be:

If you were a cartoon you would be:

Strawberry Charlotte

Ben 10

Ben 10

The Amazing World of Gumball

The Amazing World of Gumball

Shuriken School

Shuriken School

If you were a motto you would be:

And finally, you were a color you would be:


Food is your whole life, and for him too! Naruto would be your best friend!

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Izuku! (My Hero Academia)

You would get along wonderfully with Izuku! You’re both serious but a bit western.

Quiz do your Chinese portrait well tell you which anime

Inosuke! (Demon Slayer)

Calm your heart, you have too much anger in you… At least with Inosuke you could let go.

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Chopper! (One Piece)

You are cuteness incarnate. So it’s logical that your best friend would be Chopper!

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