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What if curses were real and only a few could see and control them?

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jujutsu kaisen is one of the featured anime that is available on the site. Crunchyroll. The story centers on a high school student, Itadori Juji, who after the attack of a curse in his school, is involved in the mysterious and dangerous world of wizardry. There he meets gojou satorouprofessor of the school of sorcerers and, as we see as the story progresses, probably the most powerful sorcerer that has emerged in the last decades or perhaps centuries, although his attitude sometimes makes him seem like just another student.

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Together with them we meet Itadori’s classmates, fushiguro megumianother male character with a female name who can conjure and control shinigamiand nobara kugisakia girl who hopes to find a friend from the past now that she has been able to reach Tokyo and hopes to be famous as well as a good sorceress.

The story mainly focuses on Itadoriwho gets his powers when in a sticky situation at school, an ancient curse eats his finger, sukuna, and becomes the bearer of the soul of the being he once was. A more than powerful sorcerer and the most they could do was seal him.


What makes special ItadoriHowever, it’s not eating the finger of this curse, but the fact that he can control it inside his body. Even though the first time it happens, sukuna take control of the body Itadoriwe soon see that the boy is more powerful (or stubborn, that’s up to you) than anyone, including gojouI could have waited.

Which presents an unknown: do we have to kill Itadori? By wizard rules, exorcising him would be the first order of business. which would result in the death of Itadori and, by extension of sukuna. But is that the best course of action? those who know Itadori they soon come to the decision that the boy deserves protection: both fushiguro What gojou they want him to live. But as always, there are those who have other ideas.

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As the story progresses, we see more characters, as varied as possible, and many more curses. Just for the character design, jujutsu kaisen not for the faint of heart. The monsters are usually as nasty as can be imagined and the blood, as befits a story of this style, is abundant.

Likewise, it is also in tragic stories. Let’s choose who we choose, and especially if we focus on those who belong to the ancient three clans. They all seem to have experienced something in their lives before the beginning of the story that pushed them to be where they are. Whether it’s family feuds, being the black sheep of the family or even being sold by your own father to give you the run from said clan (what happened to who you will have to find out for yourselves).

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Even so, the series does not lack its dose of humor, although we must not forget that the characters are, as is often the case in this style of stories, high school students. Which, like everyone who likes anime, means that some ridiculousness is going to be present. Just like certain moments that perhaps border on the corny, but again, if you are here reading this and the series caught your attention, it is probably not the first time you have come across some dialogue of this style. It comes with the genre and let’s face it, we love it.

jujutsu kaisen is available on Crunchyroll and its feature filmwhich we will be analyzing in another post, has just arrived on the big screen.

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Qualification: Jujutsu Kaisen

Direction: Sunghoo Park

Script: Hiroshi Seko. Sleeve: Gege Akutami

Music: Hiroaki Tsutsumi

Series (2020 – 2021). 24 episodes.

Yuji Itadori decides to hang out with the high school Occult Club, despite possessing extraordinary athletic abilities. Eventually, he finds out that the occult world is real, and the club members are attacked. Meanwhile, the mysterious Megumi Fushiguro is searching for a cursed item, and her search leads him to Itadori…