Rick and Morty: this brand new spin-off is available today

Earlier in the year, we revealed to you that the American channel Adult Swim had just formalized a new spin-off of the cult series rick and morty. But during the San Diego Comic-Con of this year, recent information has revealed that a completely different spin off was going to see the light of day, and that this new series would be available from today.

a spin-off finally available

While we know that a new animated series on the Smith family is being prepared, titled Rick and Morty: The Anime, fans have finally had information regarding another spin-off series from the universe created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. After a long period without news, we finally know more about the next series centered on the famous team of pseudo-Avengers, known as Vindicators (VF: Revancheurs).

As a reminder, the superhero team was first discovered in episode 4 of season 3 of rick and mortyentitled Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender (Revengers 3: World Finisher Returns in French version). Rick and Morty had answered the call of the Vindicators, a group of which Morty is a fan and of which Rick is a part. There we find a collection of intergalactic superheroesincluding Supernova, Million Ants, Crocubot, Alan Rails, Vance Maximus, and Noob Noob.

Rick and Morty will have the right to a spin-off mini-series devoted to the Vindicators

And for those who wanted to know the story of this team of superheroes like no other, it will now be possible, since during San Diego Comic-Con, a panel dedicated to the Vindicators revealed that the spin-offa prequel titled Vindicators 2would be available in full today. It’s on the Adult Swim YouTube channel that we can find the ten episodes of this spin-off of Rick and Morty. Find here episode 1, named Vindicators 2: Rick Can Handle It.

Series Vindicators 2 is produced by Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland, Erica Rosbe and Sarah Carbiener. We will then find all the Vindicators discovered in Rick and Morty, as well as their comrades Lady Katana, Diablo Verde and Calypso, as fans uncover the truth behind the infamous epic battle they fought against the terrible Doom-Nomitron. This battle was just the subject of a gag in the main series, when Rick discovers that the Vindicators had an adventure without him.

Each episode will be uploaded a few minutes apartand it is possible to register in order to receive a notification as well as a brief overview of each episode.

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This new series will surely delight fans of the universe of rick and morty who will be able to take their troubles patiently, while it will soon be a year since the fifth season was released and fans are desperately waiting for the sequel. Adult Swim previously confirmed that the sixth season of the animated series is set to arrive sometime this year., without giving more details on the potential release dates. But one thing is certain, many are eagerly awaiting the continuation of the crazy adventures of the two protagonists.

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