Rika Orimoto’s cute appearance comes to life in this Jujutsu Kaisen cosplay 0

the prequel to Jujustsu Kaisen 0 led us to know the origins of some of its characters before starting its main story, and through the following cosplay made by hci_cos (Instagram) we can revive the appearance of the mysterious Rika Orimoto.

Whether in her human form or as a spirit, Rika Orimoto was always characterized by her long brown hair that extends to her waist and a small mole on the left side between her chin and her lips. Her attire consists of a light-colored, sleeveless blue dress with a sailor-style collar which had hearts on the edge along with a red bow.

The cosplayer it gives an even more childish countenance to the one who was the Yuta Ookotsu’s first friend and first lovewhich ends up being something very disturbing considering the tragic end that destiny prepared for this young woman, without leaving behind the kind of curse that hides behind her innocent appearance.

Photo: hci_cos (Instagram)

After dying in an accident, this little girl with such a cute appearance ended up becoming one of the most powerful curses and vengeful within the universe jujutsu kaisen. Even so, he always stayed by Yuuta’s side as proof of her love, but this time with a more twisted meaning that made her a very possessive and jealous spirit for her beloved.

The film gave us to understand that Rika’s spirit is now resting, but since we are in a series starring spirits, curses and shamans, it is possible that we will see this young woman again in the future.

Meanwhile, what did you think of this Rika Orimoto cosplay from Jujutsu Kaisen 0?


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