Saving Gojo becomes more difficult for Yuji and Megumi, we tell you everything

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After Naoya’s defeat by Maki and her allies, Jujutsu Kaisen refocused on Yuji and Megumi. The two friends are in a hotel room accompanied by Hana Kurusu, which is not surprising since she found Megumi unconscious after her fight. Takaba seems to have decided to stay with them after running into Yuji, before they spot Hana with Megumi.

Finding Hana Kurusu, or “the Angel”, was one of their main goals entering the Culling Game, so it’s lucky she found Megumi and decided to get him back. The Angel’s cursed technique negates other cursed techniques, including barriers and seals. In other words, she has the ability to free Gojo from the prison realm. Luckily for Yuji and Megumi, the Angel isn’t averse to helping them, but there’s a catch.

Navigating the Slaughter Game

Yuji gives Megumi the good news that Hakari managed to earn 100 points. Combined with Yuta’s 190 points, and those earned by Takaba and Hana, they have 359 points in all. This means they have the amount they need to help Tsumiki quit the Culling game. Megumi is relieved to hear this, but before she gets too hopeful, he confirms if they can indeed use Takaba and Hana’s points.

Takaba is happy to give them his points since he can now survive without killing, thanks to Yuji’s rule change. Hana just has no use for her points, so she has no problem giving them away. Megumi finally asks Hana if she’s the Angel they’ve been looking for, and that’s when things get very interesting. A mouth appears on the side of Hana’s face, just like Sukuna does with Yuji from time to time, and she responds, confirming that she is the Angel.

The Angel is an incarnate wizard who resides in Hana as a vessel. They are a rare case, as most incarnated wizards delete the original owner of their ship. This can happen intentionally or unconsciously. This goes against the beliefs of the Angels, which they consider to be the laws of God. They therefore live in symbiosis with Hana and their objective is to annihilate all the players who have reincarnated.

Find common ground with Sukuna and Angel

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Megumi tells Angel that they hope to use their cursed technique to remove the kingdom’s seal from the prison, and Angel says they can do it. However, Angel needs their help with something first. Yuji and Megumi will have to help them kill a certain incarnate wizard whom they only call the Disgraced, and then they will take care of the Prison Kingdom without hesitation. It seems simple enough, until Yuji is suddenly brought into Sukuna’s mental realm.

The King of Curses reveals that he is the “Disgraced”. This causes several problems for Yuji and Megumi, including the difficulty of killing Sukuna without Gojo. Of course they could kill Yuji and it could also kill Sukuna, but they are not sure. Yuji will probably be willing to sacrifice himself and Megumi will almost certainly be against it. It looks like there will be a heavy price to pay for what they decide to do.