Spy x Family: A season 2 and an animated film announced at Jump Festa 2023 The Siver Times

By Juliet

– Posted on 18 Dec 2022 at 11:31

As often, the Jump Festa reveals great surprises. After Jujutsu Kaisen, it’s now the turn of the Spy x Family series to get people talking!

With an extremely popular first season coming to an end, fans of Spy x Family expected a lot from this Jump Festa 2023. And it looks like the wait for the second season shouldn’t be too long. Indeed, as you know, this weekend takes place the annual event organized by the Shueishathe Jump Festa. Many panels, dedicated to the largest licenses of the publisher, are organized and it is often during these moments that the best (or the worst, it depends) news falls. Well, if you too are a fan of the Forger family, rest assured! Season 2 is expected to air next year, in 2023. But it’s not the best!

As you know, it is quite common that the biggest licenses also benefit from adaptation on the big screen. One Piece, My Hero Academia or Jujutsu Kaisen have all been there. Contrary to Jujutsu Kaisen 0, which adapted the story’s prequel, it’s also not uncommon for animated films from these franchises to be original stories. This is the case, for example, of all films My Hero Academia. If I’m telling you all this, it’s simply because, against all odds, Spy x Family is getting its feature film adaptation. This animated film will be a completely original story, but will be supervised by Tatsuya Endo himself who will create the designs for the new characters. And the best part of it all is that the Spy x Family movie should be released in 2023! A first visual was also shared during the panel of the Jump Festa.

Spy x Family: A film, a second season, will the series be that of 2023?

As you will have understood, next year may well be that of Spy x Family. Besides, if you haven’t read the manga yet, go buy it! In France, it is the publisher Kurokawa who publishes it. But anyway, let’s move on. In 2023, therefore, we find ourselves hearing a lot about the Forger family. But ultimately, what do we really know about these two projects?

To see how season 1 of the series is progressing, we can expect a season 2 which would adapt the narrative arcs Imperial Scholars Mixers (chapter 36 to 42) and Big Cruise (chapter 43 to 57). And if you know the story of Spy x Familyit is precisely in the arc Imperial Scholars Mixers that Loid manages, for the first time, to come face to face with his target, Donovan Desmond. We should step up the execution of Operation Strix. Regarding the film, we have very little information at the moment. But it is obvious that the latter will be particularly awaited by the fans! Finally, 2023 could be even more impressive animation-wise than 2022. What do you think?