Spy x Family: Do you know why Anya is a fan favorite character? – melty

By Juliet

– Posted on 10 Nov 2022 at 09:00

Spy x Family debuted during the spring season. The anime was an immediate success, but one of its characters stood out more than the others.

Whether Satoru Gojo in Jujutsu KaisenLevi Ackerman in The attack of the Titans or Bakugo in My Hero Academia, many anime and manga have an important secondary character capable of stealing the show from any main character. There was a time, it was enough that the main characters are charismatic for the anime to work. But these days, fans expect something else. Indeed, we are no longer looking for a story where the main character is the center of the world. As a reader and viewer, we expect secondary characters to have a role to play and to be deepened, whether in the manga or the anime. Even to the point that some come to eclipse the main character in certain situations.

Although Spy x Family only debuted this year, the series is already one of the the most loved titles by Japanese anime fans. But beyond the anime itself, there is one specific character who has earned her place in the hearts of fans: Anya Forger. Adopted daughter of a spy and a hitman, but also a telepath, Anya is not content to steal the show from her parents or the other characters. She is the star of Spy x Family, whether in the anime or the manga. But have you ever wondered why his character is so loved by fans?

Spy x Family spares us nothing with Anya’s tragic past

If we rely solely on the image of Anya in the first episodes, we could easily believe that she is a somewhat simple-minded child (even downright stupid at times), very happy, but also very chaotic. . However, the more we advance in the history of Spy x Family and the more its importance grew, whether for the smooth running of the plot or simply for the fans. Anya enters the scene quite early in the story, since she appears from the first episode of the series in order to meet Twilight’s need to adopt a child to fulfill her mission.

And from her first appearance, we understand quite early that Anya is a somewhat special child. Indeed, her past is quite troubled and, desperate not to be adopted, she does not hesitate to lie about her age and her intelligence thanks to her telepathic gift. This sleight of hand also allows him to convince Twilight, alias Loid Forger, that she is the child of the situation.

But quickly, we discover more about Anya. Like her dog Bond, Anya was said to have been unwittingly “created” by an organization as part of a secret experiment. It would be precisely this experience which would be at the origin of his telepathic gift. Her past as an abused child and the way she deals with it despite her young age makes her a character that fans want to protect and want to see grow up.. But that’s not all.

Anya is Spy x Family’s Clown

Although her past is tragic to say the least, Anya remains a child and therefore behaves like a child. In addition to her naive and cute side, Anya’s facial expressions, as well as her reactions in certain situations, make her a real clown that fans love. It is also her many facial expressions that have allowed Anya to become an ultra-popular meme on the net.

Anya’s “heh” face is one of the most popular memes.

And unlike other characters of the same genre, who are often adults, Anya acts, as said before, like a child of her age. And although she knows how to show maturity at times, such as when asked about her parents’ jobs, she is still a clumsy little girl who does not know how to hide her emotions. We read it like an open book, which gives us, readers and viewers, many opportunities to have a good laugh.

Anya’s telepathy makes her an important ally for the story

But the biggest reason we love Anya it’s his telepathy. Eh yes. She is the only character to know absolutely everything in Spy x Family. It therefore constitutes the perfect link between the viewer/reader and the universe of the series. She is, in a way, the ultimate ally for fans to better understand events.

Anya knows about her parents’ real jobs. And although she does not know exactly what it is all about, she is aware that talking about it could be dangerous. For them, it is easier to compare them to the characters of their favorite cartoon. However, and she does not hesitate to say it out loud, she considers her parents as the best in the world, but also as heroes..