Squid Game: Would the Netflix series have been better as an anime?

For many, Squid Game remains the best Netflix series. However, others think that an animated would have done better honor to this one.

Squid Game has been a worldwide success last October. Netflix’s flagship series could have been quite different. At least that’s what some fans believe. Would she have been better in anime? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

An anime version of Netflix’s flagship series?

Serivores probably know this nugget. Indeed, Squid Game, or the Squid Game with our Quebec friends, seduced the whole world.

Critique of capitalism with sauce Battle Royale, we can say that this eventful series gave us a good time. Well almost…

She also kept us routed, not without giving us a source of anguish. Especially with these different playground games, turned into real butchers.

Far from us the idea of ​​playing hide and seek or 1,2,3, sun after seeing such a drama. However, l’aspect live-action of the series does not necessarily appeal to everyone.

Indeed, some believe that the Korean series had the potential of an anime with Japanese sauce. In any case, that would have allowed more visual freedoms.

The fans have already decided who could have taken charge of this adaptation. MAPPA, studio at the beginning of the attack of the Titans, is often advanced.

So fans would have loved that la série Netflix Squid Game comes in an animated straight out of the studio, too at the beginning of Jujutsu Kaisen and Chainsaw Man.

South Korean production could also have paired with Japanese talents for dubbing, for example. Especially when we know that they are very good in the field.

Thus, if the series, with its billion views, no longer has to work on its fame, would it deserve an animated adaptation?

Squid Game: the reasons why Netflix should have made an animated one

The japanimation allows take great liberties scripts. Freedoms that could have offered a new reading grid to Squid Game.

Remember that some scenes take place in twilight and darkness. The production could therefore have made their imagination work.

This, to offer us an ever more distressing atmosphere. An animated would therefore have given the madness of grandeur to the Netflix series.

The scenography could have been a little more tasty than it already is. With for example, bloodshed à la Kill Bill – O-Ren’s childhood is also subtly told around an animated sequence in volume 1.

Also, the animation would have rendered justice to character emotionss. Yes, the sketches of the animated images allow more creativity at this level.

The eyes, the voice, the gestures… All these things that animated people offer us could have been honor la trame de Squid Game.

Not to mention the soundtrack, which also could have capsized the heart japanimation fans. On this, a few ideas are already coming to mind!

In sum, there were therefore many ways ofadapt the series to animated. Which did not prevent us from appreciating the show as it should. Is not it ?