Suguru Geto’s technique of manipulating cursed spirits, we explain to you!

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Jujutsu Kaisen wizards each have unique cursed techniques with which they exorcise cursed spirits. These techniques can range from a simple curse word – which compels its target to obey without question – to something complex like controlling the concept of space itself.

Geto Suguru’s handling of cursed spirits is one of the most anomalous in the series and suits his evil nature perfectly. Here’s everything Jujutsu Kaisen fans need to know about the movie villain’s cursed and creepy technique 0.

What is Suguru Geto’s cursed technique in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Geto’s cursed technique is Manipulation of Cursed Spirits, an incredibly rare ability that allows him to summon and manipulate cursed spirits in good faith as freely as other wizards do with shikigami. Like other cursed techniques, Mind Manipulation is subject to specific rules. Geto only has access to Cursed Spirits he previously absorbed after defeating them in battle, but he can instantly take control of weaker Cursed Spirits around him. Once Geto absorbs a cursed spirit, its cursed energy is added to his, making him stronger after each successful exorcism.

After defeating or weakening a Hex, Geto begins the Absorption process by creating a spherical mass of cursed energy in his palms and sucking the Hex into it. Once the curse is fully integrated into the ball, Geto completes the absorption by swallowing the ball. When the villain swallows a curse, his control over it is absolute. No matter how weakened he is or how far away he is from the curse, the curse will always act in accordance with his wishes when released. The only curses that escape this process are those with extraordinarily high cursed energy or those with a pre-existing relationship to other living wizards.

Geto can release each of his curses individually to wreak havoc, or combine all of the spirits he possesses with his Maximum technique called Uzumaki. So far, the Uzumaki has been featured in two forms: an attack that turns all of Geto’s spirits into pure cursed energy which he then unleashes at his opponents, and a more passive form that Kenjaku has recognized as the true one. technical value. When cursed spirits above Grade 1 are incorporated into the Uzumaki, Geto can extract their own cursed techniques and use them as if they were his own.

How Geto’s Cursed Technique Influenced His Descent into Evil

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The cursed spirits of Jujutsu Kaisen are the manifestation of negative emotions like fear, disgust and hatred of human beings. As ordinary humans have no knowledge of cursed energy and do not know how to control it, they often inadvertently release small amounts of it when experiencing negative emotions. When enough emotion and cursed energy is directed towards a particular place or phenomenon, a cursed spirit is born and embodies it. No one understood this creative process better than Geto, and he resented mankind for creating such foul creatures.

The years Geto spent collecting and ingesting curses were enough to give him a healthy dislike of curses and humanity as a whole. He described the taste of a curse as similar to that of a vomit-soaked rag, but he had no other alternatives to increase his potency. He viewed humanity as weak and an inferior species to jujutsu wizards, and opposed the status quo where wizards quietly protected humans from their own demons.

Geto grew tired of the endless cycles of defeating and ingesting curses and dreamed of a world free of them. That was a worthy goal on its own, but since curses were born from human emotions, the only way to permanently extinguish them was to make ordinary humans disappear. Since Geto already had a great deal of contempt for humans, he had no qualms about accepting the implications of his goal.