The 10 best-selling manga volumes in the first half of 2022; Jujutsu Kaisen still up

At this point it is almost obvious to say that jujutsu kaisen has become one of the most prolific series that exist in the industry, but not only in terms of anime as the sleeve is doing with some records that decorate it as the best seller of the first semester of this 2022.

On the one hand we mention that the work of Gege Akutami takes first place among the best selling manga series in the first half of the year (counting from December 06, 2021 to May 30, 2022) according to the latest listing issued by Oricon. But that’s not all, well the volume 18 of jujutsu kaisen has the title of the best-selling volume to date with 2,011,232 copies sold.

  1. jujutsu kaisen (volume 18) – 2,011,232 copies sold
  2. one piece (volume 101) – 1,793,360 copies sold
  3. jujutsu kaisen (volume 19) – 1,608,811 copies sold
  4. one piece (volume 102) – 1,605,641 copies sold
  5. Spy x Family (volume 9) – 1,232,036 copies sold
  6. tokyo avengers (volume 25) – 1,126,893 copies sold
  7. tokyo avengers (volume 26) – 997,857 copies sold
  8. tokyo avengers (volume 27) – 835,721 copies sold
  9. My Hero Academia (volume 33) – 790,901 copies sold
  10. Kaiju No.8 (volume 5) – 784,760 copies sold

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Do you have any of this year’s best-selling manga volumes? As we mentioned at the beginning, This list compiles the best-selling manga until the first half of the year 2022so we can expect a new listing in mid-December this year.

the sleeve of jujutsu kaisen began to be written by Gege Akutami in the pages of the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump since March 2018 and to date it has a total of 178 published chapters.


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