The 5 anime of the month not to be missed: the film Jujutsu Kaisen, the finale of Eighty-Six, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure…

This month, we’re talking about exorcisms, autonomous drones, aristocratic vampires, war letters and teenage romance in our 5 anime recommendations to discover on your specialized platforms.



In a world where plagues are created from the negative emotions of humans, a handful of exorcists able to see these creatures try to eliminate the danger and thus protect the people from them.

But what happens when, by a combination of circumstances, Yūji Itadori, an average high school student endowed with superhuman strength and member of the spiritualism club, finds himself possessed by Ryōmen Sukuna, the most powerful of plagues?

It was the anime event of 2020, and even today, Jujutsu Kaisen continues to make people talk! Its dark and dynamic atmosphere signed Gege Akutami knew how to delight the biggest fans of shônen. A tasty mix of action, humor and fantasy enhanced by animation from MAPPA studios.

Add to that a range of very charismatic characters with combat techniques all more powerful than the others and it was a guaranteed success! A success confirmed by the release of a sequel film last December in Japan.

And after weeks of suspense, this feature film finally arrives in France. Expected in our theaters on March 16, you can even discover the film in preview in certain cinemas from the 13th of the month. Something to keep us busy while waiting for season 2 already announced.


To respond to the attacks of autonomous drones sent by the neighboring empire of Giad, the republic of San Magnolia has developed its own combat drones nicknamed the “Juggernaut”, thus hoping to limit the human losses.

In reality, these devices are piloted by the 86, the inhabitants of a secret district considered as cattle. Among them, the Spearhead squadron, led by Shin and commanded by Lena, is likely to upset the course of the war.

Holder of the Dengeki Novel Grand Prize, the light novel 86 Eighty-Six was popularized by its award in the literary competition. Then declined in manga, then in series, the steampunk work of Asato Asato quickly won the hearts of fans of the genre.

Anchored in a dystopian future where drones and other mechas mingle, one could have imagined that the atmosphere of the anime would be a little heavy. But on the contrary, despite a large flow of information, the story is so well put together that even the most reluctant to science fiction will be convinced.

An atypical story that oscillates between action and psychological drama, all carried by quality animation. And after several months of hiatus, season 2 resumes this month for a finale that promises to be exceptional! And if you want more, the manga arrives in France on March 16 at Delcourt editions.


In England, in the 1880s, Jonathan Joestar, the only son of an aristocratic family, strives to become an accomplished gentleman. His daily life changes completely when his father adopts Dio Brando, a mysterious young man of the same age as him.

This adoption results from an old promise binding their respective fathers. But Dio is deceitful, ambitious and unscrupulous and he will do anything to seize the Joestar fortune and destroy Jonathan’s life. Their fratricidal struggle will lead them into the darkest recesses of black magic.

We don’t make a bloodline more cursed than that of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure! Still being published since its release in the 1980s, Hirohiko Araki’s manga has the merit of knowing how to renew itself while keeping an inimitable style!

Despite a somewhat belated success in France, the adventures of this atypical family have become a real reference and even a classic in the anime sphere. And for good reason: crazy characters, colorful animation, incredible situations, a smoothly conducted scenario and very effective OSTs!

Growing popularity in 2021 after the acquisition of the license by the Netflix platform, which then offers itself the exclusivity of part 5, as well as the production of a French dubbing for the first seasons by Kazé. After “Golden Wind”, it is therefore “Phantom Blood” and “Battle Tendency” which arrives in VF with a DVD available on Tuesday March 1st. A good excuse to rewatch the whole series while waiting for the next episodes of season 6.


After four years of bitter war, Violet Evergarden, a young girl who served her country as a soldier, is struggling to rebuild a future. She then begins the exercise of “automatic memory dolls”, the purpose of which is to transcribe people’s words and feelings.

Thus begins Violet Evergarden’s quest, an apprenticeship mixed with letters, encounters and varied emotions which, she hopes, will finally allow her to understand the last words spoken by the man she loves.

Adapted from the novel‘Akatsuki Kana, Violet Evergarden takes us into a sublime and moving universe. Broadcast on Netflix in 2018, the series can boast of an atmosphere that is both dark and poetic, transcended by the expertise of Kyoto Animation studios (Silent Voice).

A dramatic masterpiece that tells us about the difficulties of expressing human feelings, but also about the ravages caused by war. Difficult themes, but exploited by terribly endearing characters. Their stories are sure to bring tears to your eyes.

On the strength of its success and after Eternity and the Automatic Memories Dolla second movie came to move us in French cinemas on September 18, 2020. If you missed it, you can still discover it on Netflix, as well as on DVD on March 16.


Yoshikazu Miyano is a great lover of boys’ love, complexed by his slim body and effeminate features. One summer, as he musters up his courage to try to break up a fight, he is beaten by high school rebel Shumei Sasaki.

From then on, the two boys began to date and share their passions. But, like those manga heroes that Miyano loves so much, they begin to fall in love with each other.

Between romance and comedy, Sasaki and Miyano is the slice of life comforter for this winter 2022. As touching as it is hilarious, you can only melt in front of this tender teenage love story. These two earthy main characters who tame each other, seek each other but struggle to find each other, risk driving you crazy.

A little unpretentious nugget that shônen-ai aficionados can only love, but which also constitutes a perfect test for refractory people who would like to try their hand at the genre. A little sweetness to start this new year.

And for those already conquered by this first half of the season, you can find Sasaki and Miyano in bookstores from March 10th! The manga arrives in France at Akata editions!