The anime did not meet the studio’s expectations!

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Manabu Otsuka, the CEO of Studio MAPPA, says Chainsaw Man hasn’t had the success the company hoped for. A Sportskeeda report outlines Otsuka’s assessment of the Chainsaw Man anime’s performance, expressing that he hoped for more. The CEO said that although the series was a financial success, it did not sell as many DVD/Blu-Ray copies as he had hoped, with most views coming from its television distribution. ” I would have liked to reach more the public who pays for the series. Additionally, he stated that he didn’t think the film had the same “impact” as Jujutsu Kaisen.

MAPPA studio is 100% invested in Chainsaw Man

MAPPA studio put a lot of effort into Chainsaw Man. In the same interview, Otsuka assures that the company has invested 100% in the production of the series, as stated by Anime Senpai. This near-exclusive ownership of the series means the studio was heavily dependent on the anime’s success, which explains the backlash to lackluster DVD/Blu-ray sales. Despite this alleged underperformance, Otsuka confirmed that the company would strive ” to approach the target audience who will pay for CSM’s work.

Chainsaw Man, written by Tatsuki Fujimoto, tells the story of an unkillable young man, Denji, who merges with his demon dog to become the infamous Chainsaw Man, a human/demon hybrid. He then joins Public Security as a demon hunter and is guided by the mysterious Makima. The manga is currently in its second major arc. Chainsaw Man Chapter 130 will be released on May 23, 2023.

The Dark Shonen Trio

Fans often associate Jujutsu Kaisen and CSM with the ‘Dark Shonen Trio’, which also includes 2023’s Hell’s Paradise from Studio MAPPA. These anime are considered some of the industry’s most influential modern projects, exploring dark themes, violence, and traditional shonen tropes.. Despite the dark and horrifying elements of these series, they are also known for their unique humor, impressive visual styles, and positive portrayals of friendships and relationships.

Hell’s Paradise is currently in its first season, and Jujutsu Kaisen is set to return for the second on July 6, 2023. All three series, including Chainsaw Man, are available on Crunchyroll.