The anime presents its Demon-Angel!

Denji and his friends having suffered heavy losses in the fight against Katana Mannew demon hunters are needed to strengthen the forces of Makima. So there is an arrival of new demons such as the Demon-Violence, the Demon-Spider and the Demon-Shark, the Demon-Angel has also arrived on the battlefield.

Considering that all demons draw their strength from humanity’s fear of their identitylike the Gun Demon who is so strong due to humanity’s fear of handguns, one can be surprised to see that there is a Demon-Angel in the series of Tatsuki Fujimotobecause angels are not as feared as sharks, blood and violence, to name a few. Introduced as part of the new framework to replace the heavy losses suffered by the team of Makima following the attack of the Katana Man, the Demon-Angel was introduced, sporting large wings and a halo, while having a seemingly aloof personality.

An angel according to Chainsaw Man!

While the Demon-Angel’s powers have yet to be fully revealed in the anime, they have been explored in the manga. If you don’t want them to be revealed as the first season of Chainsaw Man comes to an end, we advise you not to read on.

In addition to being able to fly with its wings, the Demon-Angel can absorb the life force of those it touches, transforming that life force into a deadly weapon that grows ever more powerful over the years. In the future of the anime, if it continues to follow the events of the manga, we’ll see what tools of destruction the Demon-Angel can spawn after stealing between five and a thousand years of life force.

Unfortunately for Akialthough he received a serious reinforcement from the Demon-Angel, the Demon-Violence, the Demon-Spider and the Demon-Shark, cIt wasn’t enough to help him win a fight against a familiar demon, since the Demon-Ghost came back from the opposite side of the aisle. Chainsaw Man has one more episode before the first season wraps, and while a second season has yet to be confirmed, it seems a given that MAPPA will return to the world of Denji and his fellow Demon Hunters.