The anime presents its strangest demon!

The swordsman known as Aki is reeling from the death of his colleague Himenodemon hunter, following the attack of Katana Man. He doesn’t have much time before his pact with the Demon-Curse don’t come looking for him. The serious hero who works alongside Denji and Power made a deal with one of the weirdest demons around.

Each demon is actually a representation of humanity’s fear of a specific concept and/or object, the Chainsaw Man for example becoming as strong as humanity’s fear of chainsaws. Whether demons range from hilarious, like the Demon-Sea Cucumberto the terrifying, as the Demon-Bat and the Demon-Eternity, the Demon-Future is a combination of both. Appearing in the form of what can only be described as a creature possessing the horns of an antelope, the vines of a plant, as well as a giant eye in its torso, the demon is currently in the possession of the organization. of Makima and is more than eager to hear Aki’s request.

Chainsaw Man’s Demon-Future

The Demon-Future is more than eager to hear Aki’s request for more power, with the swordsman clearly killing himself to take down as many demons as possible, but asks Aki to bury his head in his chest. By pushing its dome into the Demon-Future’s torso, the supernatural being can see into the future of Denji and finds himself so amused at how he is going to die, that he hardly asks to lend his power to Aki.

The Demon-Future has taken up residence in Aki’s eye and allows him to see brief glimpses into the future, but this power does not make the swordsman invincible, as seen in the finale of the last installment. Luckily, despite the heavy losses suffered by the Demon Hunters in recent episodes, this new episode introduces major new allies to Aki, Denji, and Power, as they are joined by the Demon-Spider, the Demon-Shark, the Demon-Violence and the Demon-Angel, to name but a few.