The author of Jujutsu Kaisen recommends this manga of assassins and humor that points to anime

jujutsu kaisen” is one of the modern references of the manga and anime industry and, as such, has an equivalent influence. That is why Gege Akutami, the creator of the franchise, recommend a particular work can be a giant boost for the work in question. That’s what you’re living right now”Sakamoto Days“, a manga that despite the fact that it had already carved out a very good name for itself, now also has the support of Akutami-sensei.

Jujutsu Kaisen Author Thinks You Should Give Sakamoto Days a Chance

Then I leave you with the tweet from the hand of MangaMogura in which the recommendation of the creator of “Jujutsu Kaisen” is collected:

And just in case more than one of you has no idea what “Sakamoto Days” is about, I’ll leave you below a series of notes:

  • Sakamoto Days is a manga that tells the story of a former professional assassin… who left the profession, fell in love, got married and decided to start working in a small store. Yes, it’s been quite a while since then. ✔️
  • Shortly the manga is 2 years old and the truth is that for weeks there have been rumors of an anime. The truth is, it looks like there is a high probability that it will end up happening sooner or later. ❗
  • Sakamoto Days has a total of 90 published chaptersand you can also find the manga via Manga Plus. It is also published weekly, so every 7 days there is the security of having more material. ✔️

Honestly, I really want “Sakamoto Days” to be announced as an anime because, between the illustrations and the story, I have a feeling it could be a tremendously fun thing to watch. In any case, at the moment it is something that has not yet been confirmed, so we will have to continue to be patient with it.

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