The Best Fantasy Anime To Watch After Demon Slayer

demon slayer is a global phenomenon in the anime industry, and fans might argue that it’s one of the new “big three” shonen anime series thanks to its winning combination of amazing animation from studio UFOtable , sincere main characters, an elegant Japanese setting and an intriguing plot. However, even this series has to end eventually.

Any demon slayer fan who catches up on the current anime or completes the best-selling original manga will be hungry for more, and luckily for them the anime and manga world has plenty of great series to help fill the void. Any demon slayer Fans who want another fantasy “monster hunter” story can try out these five particular anime series and let a new adventure begin.

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Jujutsu Kaisen is a slightly darker demon slayer

Breaking the Curse: How Jujutsu Kaisen Breaks the Shonen Mold

It is likely that many demon slayer fans are already on board with popular modern titles like Jujutsu Kaisen, and if not, viewers are in for a treat with this ongoing series. just like demon slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen features amazing animation, a cast of likable and exciting characters, terrifying monsters called curses, powerful mentors like Gojo Satoru to guide the heroes, and much more.

contrary to demon slayer, this series is set in modern society, where negative human emotions give rise to powerful curses and supernatural monsters that only wizards trained in jujutsu like Yuji and his friends can kill. The anime has a 24-episode season plus a movie around the corner, and season 2 is expected to start airing in winter 2023. The manga has even more material, and it’s selling almost as well as demon slayeris clean.

Bleach is like Demon Slayer’s older cousin

Bleach yamamoto and kyoraku

One of the original “big three” is Tite Kubo’s hit series Bleachand fans of demon slayer will see countless parallels between these two franchises. Both stories feature sword-wielding monster hunters who must protect humanity from terrifying beasts, and in BleachIn the case of , these hunters are black-robed Soul Reapers hunting evil spirits called Hollows. The hero is Kurosaki Ichigo, a seemingly ordinary human boy who gains the powers of a Soul Reaper one fateful night and then his monster-slaying ventures begin.

Besides, Bleach features isekai elements with Ichigo’s journey to Soul Society and the deserts of Hueco Mundo, and Bleach has its own version of the Kizuki, the ten deadly Espadas or unmasked Hollows that have their own swords. BleachThe anime of has been cancelled, but the manga has ended and the anime will return soon with the “Thousand-Year Blood War” arc, just in time for demon slayer fans to try something new.

D.Gray-Man is a semi-obscure gem of gothic fantasy

D.Gray-Man is an action anime based on the original manga by author Katsura Hoshino, and although the manga has seen many hiatuses, the anime remains an interesting adventure for everyone. demon slayer fan who wants more. This is yet another “monster hunter” anime featuring a kind-hearted teenage hero named Allen Walker, who wields a magical power called Innocence to slay monsters known as Akuma.

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While demon slayer is set in Taisho-era Japan, D.Gray-Man is set in Gothic Europe, with spooky castles, vampires, Halloween vibes and more. The “Muzan” of D.Gray-Man is the cartoonish but evil Millennium Earl who, along with his Noah family minions, torments humanity with the Akuma he creates, and only the Black Order, this anime’s version of the Demon Slayer Corps, can. ‘Stop.

InuYasha is all about Japanese demons and swords

Inuyasha holding the Tessaiga

InuYasha is an older but beloved series from author Rumiko Takahashi, who also wrote the comedy series Ranma 1/2 and Ikkoku House, among others. This is a modern isekai anime, featuring 1990s student Higurashi Kagome and her adventures in the pit of feudal Japan, which is overrun by monsters. The “Muzan” of InuYasha is the greedy demon lord Naraku, who yearns to claim InuYasha Kikyo’s lover for himself and become the most powerful creature in all of existence, and he has more than a few demons backing him up.

fans of demon slayer will love the colorful variety of monsters and characters in InuYasha, not to mention the classic Japanese setting and delicate balance of humor, drama and action. The original series is complete, and a successor, Yasha Himeis currently in progress.

Fire Force is a Steampunk demon slayer

Fire Force Core

fire force is a series by the same author as soul eater, Atsushi Okubo. The original manga ends with its final chapter, while the anime has two seasons of 24 episodes each to its name. This is a “monster hunter” anime in the same vein as demon slayer, except it’s set in a future steampunk world that’s been rebuilt after a fiery cataclysm that burned everything down. Now, firefighters like Shinra Kusakabe and Maki Oze must risk their lives to fight monsters called Infernals, or humans suffering from spontaneous combustion, and purify their souls.

However, there is even more than that. Shinra also has to deal with a doomsday cult called the Ashen Flame Cult, whose goal is to cleanse the world with a second cataclysm in the name of their mysterious evangelist leader. The fight is personal for Shinra, as his little brother Sho has been recruited into the cult, and Shinra must somehow bring him back. It may remind demon slayer fans of the dynamic between Tanjiro and Nezuko.

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