The creator reveals the most important lesson of his work!

With the recently released prequel film having become one of the most popular anime of all time, the highly anticipated second season is expected to arrive this summer, while the mangaka responsible for Jujutsu Tech confirmed the most important lesson that the series conveys.

Yuji Itadori has many similarities with other Shonen heroesbattling his own inner demon which grants him tremendous power when it comes to fighting off supernatural threats that seek to cause serious trouble for humanity. Si Yuji took a back seat in the latest prequel moviewhich explored the life of newcomer Yuta Okkotsu, he should make his comeback this summer. Ironically, the anime adaptation will once again travel down memory lane and focus on a much younger Gojo, the arguably most popular character in the series, because viewers will see why he broke up of the current villain, Geto.

Jujutsu lessons

During a previous interview with a French media, creator Gege Akutami said the following about the most important lesson of the series, while implying that the line between good and evil is not as neat as one might think:

“If there’s one thing to mention, it’s that no one has the ultimate truth. The good guys and the bad guys. Some seek to kill the hero out of sheer selfishness, but others are brought to this decision by logical reasoning. If no one is really right, no one is wrong either. Each character is guided by their own ethics. »

With what we’ve seen of Geto so far, he seems pretty firm in the “evil” category, though, with the Season 2 plot exploring his character more, we might learn some hidden, script-turning truths about the show’s big bad.