The crew of Edens Zero returns to the Cosmos for a season 2

While the 19th volume of the manga is due to appear very soon, the anime managed by JC Staff will be back with new episodes.

In a few years, the world of Japanese animation has become one of the most flourishing sectors. Many are the nuggets to emerge and we no longer count the number of outstanding works. Of Jujutsu Kaisen (which will soon be entitled to its official guide) to The attack of the TitansPassing by Demon Slayer Where My Hero Academia, There is something for every taste. And thanks to Netflix or specialized platforms like Crunchyroll and Wakanim, it is even easier to enjoy this genre.

Shiki and Rebecca will be entitled to new adventures

An official announcement a few hours ago via the official website of the series with, for the occasion, a first visual for this second salvo. ” Everyone, thank you for your patience. The anime’s second season has been approved. Details such as its broadcast debut will be reported later, so look forward to it! » read the message posted by the anime’s official Twitter. As a reminder, Edens Zero is adapted from eponymous manga by Hiro Mashimapre-published in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine since June 2018. In Japan, the manga currently has 18 volumes, with the 19th volume expected on February 17.

But what should we expect from the side of the plot? After rescuing Conor, who was wandering in the Cosmos Sakura and who introduces himself as the captain of the Eden One, Shiki and Rebecca resume their journey in the direction of Mother. In this race towards their objective, however, the group is chased by Drakken Joe, one of the Six Demonic Galactic Generals, who seeks to get his hands on Eden Zero by any means possible. Will Shiki become a legendary hero or wreak havoc as a Great Demon? The great adventure of the young man and his friends has only just begun.

A universe so special to find on Netflix

For season 1, Shinji Ishihira and Yushi Suzuki were in charge of the production, all under the supervision of the JC Staff animation studio. The script was signed Mitsutaka Hirota, while Yurika Sako worked on the character design and Yoshihisa Hirano on the music. For the moment, it has not yet been specified whether this team will be back for the second season, but it would be surprising not to repeat the experience. While waiting to find out more, it’s never too late to (re)discover the universe ofEdens Zero. In France, the first season of the series is available on Netflix (which will soon relaunch the cult work Bastard!!), and the manga is published by Pika.