The Dragon Ball manga celebrates its 38th anniversary!

Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball manga appeared in the Japanese magazine Weekly Shonen Jump exactly 38 years ago. More exactly, it is a November 20, 1984 that the magazine where the first chapter was first pre-published was marketed. And 38 years later, Dragon Ball remains one of the most popular and best-selling comics in the world, and above all one of the major references of Japanese manga.

So go to the bakery, and take the most beautiful birthday cake for Dragon Ball, which celebrates the 38th anniversary of the marketing of its very first chapter today in issue 51 of Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. In reality, two dates must be remembered: it was indeed November 20, 1984 that the magazine was marketed, but it will appear on newsstands on December 3, 1984. We are therefore already meeting on December 3 next to blow the 38 candles from the discovery of DB by Japanese readers at the time.

It’s’dragon ball birthday, but also that of the triumph of Akira Toriyama, of whom everyone agrees that the Japanese mangaka will forever mark the history of manga through his work. And as if by a nice coincidence, it is today that Shueisha officially announces the Dragon Ball Super manga returns with new Super Hero arc ! Trunks and Goten will be the main characters of this new story, which will begin just before the movie dbs super hero.

The 1984 Weekly Shonen Jump No. 51: One of the Most Wanted

The magazine that first introduced Dragon Ball remains extremely rare and highly sought after today. Incidentally, a 50-year-old man recently put up for sale a fake copy of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine issue 51 from 1984, where Dragon Ball first appeared. The man put the item up for sale online at auction, where it ended up selling for 180,000 yen (€1,250). The auction winner, a 30-year-old man who already owned an authentic copy of the magazine, noticed that the quality of the paper on the auctioned item was different. He then reported the matter to the police, and the suspect defended himself by saying that he himself believed the magazine was genuine, denying the charges against him.

Dragon Ball Chapter 1, where it all began…

Once upon a time, deep in the mountains, thousands of kilometers from all the cities… This is how the whole story of Dragon Ball began. A young boy chops wood, brings it home, and prepares to go hunting again. He grabs a small stick, talks to a strange ball he calls “grandpa”, and says he’s going to get something to eat. During this time, a young girl gets closer to the region, without suspecting the encounter that would change her life… The rest, you know it!

Chapter 1 Dragon Ball Bulma and Son Goku

The Weekly Shonen Jump is a Japanese shonen manga preprint magazine, which appears every Monday in Japan. Owned by Shueisha, and launched in 1968, today we find manga like Jujutsu Kaisen, My Hero Academia, Black Clover, One Piece, Blue Box, Sakamoto Days, Kaiju n°8, Mashle… But it is above all in this magazine that were born some of the greatest manga in history, including Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, Bleach, or Naruto.