The last episodes of Attack on Titan may not be the end!

The return of The attack of the Titans is near, with the second half of its final season bringing an end to the war between the inhabitants of the Isle of Paradise and the citizens of Marley, and with the next episodes currently scheduled for a total of twelve episodes, we are confident that this batch of upcoming episodes is not actually the end. With Eren Jaeger fighting both the Heaven and Marley forces, there’s a lot of ground to cover and a movie or part three of season four might be needed.

Without venturing too much into spoiler turf, the events that have yet to be translated into the animated series by Studio MAPPA are quite significant, providing fans with plenty of battles and ideas to ponder before the animated adaptation of. Hajime Isayama never ends. Many allegiances are changed and many characters experience moments that will take time to explore. Twelve episodes certainly doesn’t seem like enough to end the story of the World of Titans, and the storyline for the final battle definitely looks like it could work in a movie-like structure, but does it have to be? In the wake of the success of Jujutsu Kaisen 0, the prequel Shonen movie also produced by MAPPA, the profits may well spur the animation studio to release the final battle of The attack of the Titans in movie theaters to reap the rewards.

One of the main issues of this decision to potentially extend the final season would be to continue to chain the events that fans are dying to see reach their peak in this final season. Prior to the arrival of the fourth season last year, many fans were led to believe that the first half would be the entire season, although the announcement of “Part 2” was slipped after the finale. of “Part 1”.

Granted, a movie would have more resources, but potentially wait until 2023 to see the end of the anime. The attack of the Titans, or potentially later than that, would be better received if it had been revealed by MAPPA before the release of these new episodes.