The manga KAIJU N°8 will have its anime, August 08, 2022

This is not a surprise given the popularity of the work: the manga KAIJU N°8 by Naoya Matsumoto will experience a anime adaptation.

It was after a countdown of a few days that the information fell, via the posting of an announcement trailer by TOHO Animation, a subsidiary of TOHO (Japanese film production house among the most important) hiding behind several successes of recent years such as Jujutsu Kaisen, My Hero Academia or Lupine III the First.

This video, lasting about 40 seconds and visible below, is content with the minimum, revealing no additional information, not even an image or the staff (studio, director, etc.). We will therefore have to wait to learn more. But in the meantime, it will be possible to follow the news of the project on the sitethe japanese twitter account and the English twitter account officials.

The manga KAIJU N°8 will have its anime August 08 1659961554 572 The manga KAIJU N°8 will have its anime August 08

Launched in Japan in 2020 on Shûeisha’s Shônen Jump+ platform, the original manga enjoys undeniable success after 7 volumes have been published. And in France it follows the same path, having been launched last October by Kazé Manga with a very important advertising campaign that ensured its notoriety. Currently 5 volumes have been released in our country, volume 6 being scheduled for September 7 while the 7th opus should arrive on December 7 with a special edition.

Synopsis of the manga:

Kaiju are fearsome giant monsters that appear out of nowhere to attack the population. In Japan, these appearances are now part of everyday life.
As a child, Kafka Hibino dreamed of joining the Defense Forces to fight these terrible enemies, but after numerous failures in the entrance exam, this 30-year-old works to clean the streets of their bulky corpses. Until the day when a mysterious creature enters his body and transforms him into an overpowered half-human, half-kaiju entity. His new code name: “Kaiju No. 8”!

Announcement video: