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The anime industry is very enigmatic, and it is enough to predict the success or failure of a production. This is, surely, what the producers of Jujutsu Kaisen, an anime based on a manga that had relatively little success in the West, but when it was adapted to the small screen it managed to explode in popularity. The most curious thing about the matter is that we have not seen this reflected only in this aspect, but when the so-called volume zero of Jujusu Kaisen was adapted to the cinema we were able to realize the great success we had in handbecoming one of the films with the best reception in Western countries, and why not say it, this was due to the high quality of this film, in which we could also see the character that interests us today: Gojo Satoru.

If this anime has succeeded for something, besides for the great production values ​​of thissuch as animation and drawing, is for the charisma that most of the characters have, in addition to telling a more mature story than we are used to in the genre. Entering more specifically, if there is a character who has managed to stand out from the rest, not only because of his charisma, but also because of his design and his story, that’s Gojo Satoru.

Details you should know about Gojo Satoru

Below we will tell you all the details you should know about this character so loved by fans, although it is necessary to notify you beforehand that some people may consider these details as spoilersso we recommend that before reading this article you see the anime at least.

He still respects his age

This is a classic, and it is natural that one of the details when we talk about any anime character is to mention their date of birth and their age, because for some reason we like to know how old they are, although in this case we can say that he is the age that we all could have expected.

More concretely, Gojo Satoru was born on December 7, you could deduce that he is currently over thirty, but it is necessary to warn that the author pointed out that in the first arc of the manga he was 28 years oldage from which we can draw the deduction that this first arc occurs during the year 2017.

Gojo Satoru, the strongest sorcerer

If you have seen the anime or read the manga you already know, but Gojo Satoru is considered “the strongest sorcerer”, something that could seem like a simple exaggeration at the beginning of the work, because they had not shown us much, but which later proved to be completely true. This is so so that the leaders of sorcery, that is, those who govern the underworld of Jujutsu Kaisen in which the so-called sorcerers exist, come to feareven going so far as to let him not follow his orders for fear of reprisals.

On numerous occasions during the series We have been able to see how he unleashes his powermanaging to eliminate practically any enemy in seconds, which gives total veracity to this title that he carries of “The Strongest Sorcerer”.

Gojo Satoru using his curse

The power of the six eyes

Before we have commented that he is known precisely for being the strongest of his class, but we have not explained exactly why, and I am already telling you that not many details are known about this. We refer, how could it be otherwise, to the so-called “six eyes”, which are the eyes of Gojo Satoruthat is, those that are covered on many occasions, and which he only teaches in specific situations and in which he wants to quickly defeat a rival.

The truth is that, as we have already said, not many details are known about these six eyes, it is simply known that it is something that is transmitted between generations, but that it also allows its users to use their curses more precisely and see further. where normal humans see from, and yes, this very inaccurate description is what we know about this unique power that our character of the day possesses. Of course, the manga hasn’t ended yet, it’s still on the air, and therefore we can hope that later we can know more about this mysterious power that Gojo Satoru keeps in his eyes.

Gojo Satoru showing all six eyes

His popularity skyrockets

You probably already know this, but when a manga is on the air, popularity polls are usually done, to find out which characters the public likes the most. At first, and due to the great success that the anime has had, thanks especially to Gojo, the first thing you may think is that he has easily won all these polls, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Two actual popularity polls have currently been carried out, apart from the one that was carried out at the time for the so-called volume zero. In both polls Gojo Satoru was on the podiumbeing that in the first he obtained third placeonly ahead of the protagonist of this story and Fushiguro (second and first respectively), while in the second he rose to second placealthough he lost again in favor of the aforementioned Fushiguro.

Although it hasn’t managed to claim the top spot on these lists (for now), we can say that the popularity of this character does not stop risingso much so that it is considered one of the anime characters that have marked the last decadeThis being a great achievement, given the great competition that exists.

First Jujutsu Kaisen Popularity Poll Result

He is the only survivor of his clan

This detail is tremendously interesting, and it is that, as with the six eyes, we can say that not much is known about the Gojo clan, that is, the clan of the character that interests us today. Specifically, only two very important details are known about it, and that is that Gojo Satoru turns out to be the only living member, and therefore the head of the clanand also that this is tremendously important to maintain the balance of the world of wizardry.

During the story, not much is explained about this clan, or at least as far as the manga has reached today, although there is a character, which we will not reveal to you to avoid any type of spoiler, which turns out to be a distant relative of this clanalthough it does not belong to it itself.

Gojo Satoru making a joke

With this you have already been able to know some important details that you should know about Gojo Satoru, the strongest character in Jujusu Kaisen (or at least the strongest sorcerer), and also one of the most loved by fans of anime and manga.