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jujutsu kaisen It’s quite a phenomenon right now. From a successful first season, to the recent premiere of the prequel film. However, in the world of manga, things never go as smoothly as many would like. Thus, It has been revealed that we will not have a new chapter next week.

Through a statement, it has been revealed that next week’s chapter, which would arrive at Manga Plus on April 10, has been delayed, and now it will arrive until the 17th of next month. Without a doubt, this is sad news, but the fans do not seem to be sad. Usually, when a manga takes a break like this, it’s for the mangaka to take care of his health.

Gege Akutami, author of jujutsu kaisen, has had several breaks to seek his health. After the unfortunate passing of Kentaro Miura, fans have taken this kind of news in a calmer waysince they always think about the health of the mangaka behind the works that they are so passionate about.

With the Sendai Colony arc reaching its climax, the wait can be bitter for many, but at least this week’s chapter is still running without any problem. On related topics, the sleeve of jujutsu kaisen is one of the best sellers of 2022. Similarly, the movie of Jujutsu Kaisen 0 it is a success.


Editor’s Note:

These kinds of breaks are not a problem for fans. Let’s remember that Akutami once took a break that lasted several months, all for the author’s health. In that sense, a week without Jujutsu Kaisen is not a problem.

Via: Shonen Jump News – Unofficial