The price of manga increases in 2023 and we explain why

From January 1, 2023, publishers such as Glénat, Pika, Ki-oon, Kurokawa, Ototo, Taifu and Mangetsu are increasing the prices of their manga. Small books and large books earn from 30 cents to two euros, which, obviously, is not very pleasant. If some publishing houses like Delcourt and Vega-Dupuis maintain their prices, readers will already have to type in their wallets. But why ? Are manga readers being punished for inventing the Naruto Run? Or because they’re typing Gear 2 poses at the bakery? In fact, it is not the fault of the consumers.

Paper shortage

In 2020, with the Covid, orders replace purchases in stores. Everyone wants books, but also other products. Admittedly, demand for paper is increasing, but also, and above all, for cardboard (for packaging). Thus, the paper production factories begin their transition to the production of cardboard, obviously in order to earn more money. This change already has a cost and also reduces the number of paper producers.

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On top of that, post-Covid has made people want to read more. A huge flow of orders for books appeared (thus for paper and cardboard) putting the paper manufacturers in trouble. Add to that the war in Ukraine and the accompanying energy and raw materials crisis (fuel, ink, etc.), and the whole industry was affected and still is today. . For example, Saddi Papier, one of Europe’s largest paper manufacturers, increased its prices by 8-10% at the end of September.

The explosion of manga

If the cost increases on one side, the price also increases on the other. This problem affects everyone in the book industry, but here we are talking about the increase in manga prices. In 2021, manga is entering a new dimension: big international hype, in particular due to the popularization of anime and popular titles explode sales records. So, to keep up with rising production costs, publishers have no choice but to increase the prices of the most popular series.

Result, finished on One Piece at €6.90. As Tokyo Revengers, Berserk, Bleach, Dr Stone and dragonball, Glénat is raising its flagship titles to €6.99. Pika and her two babies Fairy Tail and The attack of the TitansKurokawa and his Spy x Family and One-Punch Man climb even higher and reach €7.20. Ki-oon side, My Hero Academia goes from €6.60 to €6.95 and Jujutsu Kaisen from €6.90 to €6.95.

Let’s hope that this increase stops here, even if it is unlikely.