The price of manga will increase in 2022, here’s why

The manga sector is however in great shape. Between January and August 2021, nearly 29 million copies were sold in France, an increase of 126% compared to the same period in 2020. Better still, one in two comics sold is a manga. In short, it is an environment which, it seems, does not know the crisis …

However, despite this iron health, Panini Manga and Pika Edition have announced to increase the prices of their manga. Blame it on shortage of raw materials making it possible to manufacture a book (paper, cardboard, ink, etc.) and at printing costs which do not drop.

More expensive manga for 2022?

Posted on Twitter last Friday, this Panini Manga announcement may have disappointed more than one. The editor behind the sublime reissue of Banana Fish, that of 20th Century Boys or Demon Slayer is forced to raise its prices. And that hurts.

At Panini Manga, the price of standard volumes increases by 30 cents, but for Perfect editions, their price swells by one euro. As a result, a tome of Demon Slayer goes from 6.99 euros to 7.29 euros. For the reissue of Banana Fish, it will thus be necessary to spend 16.99 euros (instead of 16 euros at present, therefore). In view of the current situation, the publisher explained that it was theirs “Impossible to continue with the current price list in 2022”.

In the process, Pika Edition has also announced a change on its side. The editor of The attack of the Titans or Great Teacher Onizuka wishes to standardize the prices of some of its manga.

Fortunately, only a few series are impacted by this announcement namely Happiness, Nine, Origin, Pumpkin Scissors, To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts and finally, Yozakura Quartet. Their price has dropped from 7.75 euros to 7.95 euros since December 1. In a second tweet, the publisher assured that there should be no further price hikes in the coming months.

Regarding other French publishers like Kazé Manga (Chainsaw Man, The Promised Neverland), Ki-oon (Jujutsu Kaisen, My Hero Academia), Kana (Naruto, Death Note) or Kurokawa (Fullmetal Alchemist, Spy x Family), none have communicated about a potential price increase so far.

But this shortage of some of the raw materials, a surge in printing and transport prices and the first step of Panini Manga could push more than one to follow suit. So, perhaps one needs to prepare for a widespread increase in manga prices for the coming year.

Knowing their market, publishers know that the biggest consumers of manga are generally young and a price increase can quickly strain their budgets. However, remember that manga prices have not changed for years. And that, despite the shortage of raw materials that has been raging for several months already. So, it’s hardly surprising to see the prices go up after all. Hoping, however, that this news does not slow down the current golden age of manga in France.

What about digital in all of this? Since the end of September, the MangaPlus platform has been available in the language of Molière, allowing you to discover the first chapters of several large licenses for free. While nothing will replace the smell of a good, freshly purchased manga, digitization could be a relevant solution to this price hike.