The release date of chapter 380 is postponed due to the bad health of the mangaka…

Previously slated for release later this week, My Hero Academia Chapter 380 has been delayed due to the sudden decline in health of Kohei Horikoshi, the mangaka of the series. The upcoming chapter will be absent from issues 10 and 11, but will return in issue 12 of Weekly Shonen Jump, which will be released on Sunday, February 20 at 5 p.m. (European time). It will be available on the official website of Viz Media and Manga Plus.

Kohei Horikoshi also sent an apology to fans and began by thanking My Hero Academia readers before informing them of the publication hiatus for the current and next issue.. He began by thanking My Hero Academia readers before informing them of the discontinuation of the current and upcoming issue. The mangaka’s poor state of health was cited as the reason for the sudden hiatus, after which he apologized to readers who remained on hold. The apology note also reveals that My Hero Academia is featured on the postcard for this issue, and although the chapter was completed, the mangaka was unable to make the corrections in time due to her poor health. .

What happened previously in My Hero Academia?

The previous chapter started with a flashback to Central Hospital after Lady Nagant wakes up. The doctor warned her of her poor state of health, but she ignored the doctor’s warning and asked for the location of the enemy. The doctor resisted divulging the information as she was a convict, after which she revealed that Izuku wanted her to fight alongside him. Meanwhile, Rock Lock arrived and briefed her on the battle. He allowed her to fight, giving her all his trust.

Back in the present, Lady Nagant fired a bullet at Shigaraki. Although the effect of the bullet caused her tremendous pain, she remembered Deku for bringing light into her life and fired another bullet while gathering all his strength and managed to blow Shigaraki’s right arm off. All For One within Shigaraki then criticized Nagant for acting like a victim despite killing multiple Heroes. Suddenly, Shigaraki takes over, and several fingers appear from inside his mouth, and he taunts him even more over his failed attempts to steal One For All.

Shigaraki reveals that he had hidden his heart deep within his soul and continually picked himself up. All For One then attempts to command Kurogiri to transport him to his other self, but the latter seems to have difficulty controlling Oboru. Shigaraki overpowered All For One, and he, alongside Tenko, pretended to destroy everything from the house he grew up in. At the end of the chapter, Deku attacked Shigarakithrowing him out of the UA, and said that while he couldn’t let Shigaraki win, he also couldn’t forget Tenko’s pleas for help.