The Studio Behind Final Season’s Attack On Titan

MAPPA has done an excellent job with The attack of the Titans last season. If you are wondering what other anime are made by the studio, here is the list of MAPPA’s best anime.

The attack of the Titans has an animation that can drive anime fans crazy. Although Wit Studio did the first three seasons of the series, MAPPA took over the animation work for the final season. Undoubtedly, the series has damning scenes from the first season; the last season of AOAT includes such intense moments and spectacular animation that we have never experienced before.

Battle with Warhammer Titan, Armin destroying the Marley Navy, Marley’s infiltration of Eldia, Levi taking down the Beast Titan, there are many times where MAPPA has proven itself. Impressed by the work of MAPPA in AOAT, fans are wondering what other great anime the studio has been working on. Here is the list of MAPPA’s best work to date.

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Attack on Titan | Final Season Finale Trailer Part 2 | Crunchyroll

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Attack on Titan | Final Season Finale Trailer Part 2 | Crunchyroll





Best anime by MAPPA other than AOT

1. Dororo

The only bad thing about Dororo is that it ended in 2019 with a total of 26 episodes, and there is no news of its renewal. Call Dororo one of the best anime series of all time will not be an exaggeration. Dororo has an amazing story that one would expect from an anime series. But to make it the best anime, perfect animation was also needed, and MAPPA did this job well.

The series follows the life of Hyakkimaru, a poor guy whose father compromised his son’s limbs for the prosperity of his land. Hyakkimaru was born without eyes, ears, nose, skin, and many of his internal organs. Now the guy is ready to fight the demons and get his missing organs back.

2. Jujutsu Kaisen

Even people who are not very familiar with the world of anime still know Jujutsu Kaisen. This is the popularity of the series and its ongoing manga. The animated adaptation of Jujutsu Kaisen started in October 2020 and a total of 24 episodes have been released. Fortunately, the second season of the series is also announced and will be released in 2023.

This incredible MAPPA show takes place in a world where negative emotions given off by humans give rise to monsters. But some beings can control their cursed energy and use it for their own benefit. Yuji is one of those Jujutsu wizards who will use his powers to defeat monsters.

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3. Hajime no Ippo: Ascent

A few people might not be aware Hajime no Ippo: Ascent, but it is one of MAPPA’s best works. Although it is an older anime, you will admire the animation of the series. Especially people who love boxing will love the show very much. Along with MAPPA, Madhouse also worked on the project.

The show is about a fragile young boy named Ippo who is often teased by bullies. One fateful day, Ippo is saved by a boxer as he is being bullied. The fighter then takes him to his gym, where the young boy is influenced by boxing and decides to become a boxer himself. Ippo then continues his journey to become the greatest boxer.

4. Dorohedoro

The next MAPPA anime that deserves to be on the list is Dorohedoro. If you like dark fantasy, action and sci-fi anime, then Dorohedoro should be the next series you should watch. just like The attack of the Titans, Dorohedoro has brutal fight scenes that you will surely enjoy.

Dorohedoro takes place in the fictional town of Hole, where Caiman and Nakaidou go on a rampage to attack wizards by devouring their heads. A strange face then appears from the throat and indicates whether this wizard is the one who caused Cayman’s state or not. To defeat Caiman and Nakaidou, a wizard known as En sends men to him.

5. Terror in Resonance

Mappa’s 2014 series is one of the best psychological thrillers. With only 11 episodes, Resonating Terror is a show you can binge watch in a single day. Resonating Terror ran from July to September 2014, and the series has appreciable animation.

The story of Resonating Terror tells the story of two boys, Nine and Twelve, who upload a video on the Internet threatening to destroy the city of Tokyo with a bomb explosion. And to save the city from the explosion, a puzzle must be solved. The two young boys belong to the Rising Peace Academy, an organization that experiments on orphans to turn them into human weapons.