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Manga news continues to bring us the best of current series, with new volumes to delve deeper into the heart of great sagas, but also brand new unpublished series. Shōnen, seinen, shōjo and anime adaptation are in the spotlight this month!

Jujutsu Kaisen, Volume 18 – Gege Akutami (Ki-oon)

Gege Akutami hit hard in 2018: the story of Jujutsu Kaisen leads us into a terribly addictive supernatural world, in which negative emotions and feelings “materialize” in the form of “plagues”. Read in Weekly Shônen Jump, the adventures of Yuji Itadori, a high school student suddenly possessed by one of these plagues, constitute one of the most famous manga sagas in the world today. In the volume 18the confrontations between the heroes and their main opponents multiply, in the purest tradition of contemporary shônen!

Tokyo Revengers, Volume 22 – Ken Wakui (Glénat)

Completed in Japan in November 2022 by the mangaka Ken Wakui, tokyo revenge reached this month the stage of 22e volume in France. The opportunity to find our favorite hero, Takemichi Hanagaki, still struggling with the demons of the past… Indeed, in this truly innovative saga, the main character finds himself at the beginning of the third millennium thanks to a mysterious journey in the time… Wishing to prevent a murder in “the future”, Takemichi continues to evolve in the meanders of time, in search of a way to save Hinata, his love of youth.


Farewell Eri – Tatsuki Fujimoto (Crunchyroll)

Besides one of the manga sagas of the moment (chain saw man), Tatsuki Fujimoto takes care of shaking up Japanese comics with its one-shot albums: in Farewell Eri, he imagines a real drawn film, with the main subject… cinema. It all starts with a short film, directed by the hero Yuta Ito, and showing in particular the last moments of his sick mother’s life. By meeting the mysterious Eri, the main character will gradually begin to film this friend “fallen from the sky” during a masterful story about images and what they show of ourselves.


The Original Sin of Takopy, Volumes 1 and 2 – Taizan5 (Pika)

When a little alien from the planet Happy, and responsible for spreading joy, meets one of the saddest people on Earth, young Shizuka, it can only sparks. This is the starting point of volume 1 of Original Sin of Takopya short manga in two parts, including the volume 2 released the same month, which mixes shadow and light with great tenderness, and reveals the talent of the mysterious author Taizan5.


The Apothecary’s Notebooks, Volume 10 – Natsu Hyuuga, Kurage Neko, Itsuki Nanao (Ki-oon)

After being a famous light novel series in Japan, The Apothecary’s Notebooks had a successful manga adaptation, under the pens of Natsu Hyuga, Itsuki Nanao and Neko Kurage. Seinen narrating the life of Mao Mao, a young woman of low origin who ends up being forced to serve the Emperor, the saga takes us into a particularly tense microcosm, where plots against the crown and attempts at poisoning are not lacking , as this once again proves volume 10published in January.


Sakamoto Days, Volume 6 – Yuto Suzuki (Glénat)

Yuto Suzuki imagine the daily life of a hitman tidying up cars, becoming boss of a neighborhood grocery store after his marriage… Except that this quiet life is turned upside down when a telepathic assassin bursts into the life of this legend of organized crime: Sakamoto Days tells us about the difficult return to business of a hero who had sworn that he would not be caught again. In his volume 6the saga of new author Yuto Suzuki takes on an extra dimension, as its main character realizes that his life before keeps catching up with him!

Sakamoto Days

Neon Genesis Evangelion Perfect Edition, Volume 4 – Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (Glénat)

First an extremely original animated series, capable of approaching mysticism, mechas, technologies and mental disorders without flinching, Neon Genesis Evangelion was quickly adapted into a manga. For fans, the Perfect Edition offers a sumptuous way to (re)discover the universe of Yoshiyuki Sadamotowith a generous format and remarkable print quality, as shown in this volume 4. What to live the adventures of Shinji, Rei and Asuka, their struggles against the “Angels” in a new light!


Dr. Stone, Volume 23 – Riichirô Inagaki, Boichi (Glénat)

Three volumes from its denouement, Dr Stone appears again and again as THE scientific manga of our time. Narrating in a didactic and thrilling way the work of two science fans seeking to save humanity, petrified during a mysterious event, the saga takes us on a real hypothetico-deductive quest, and is teeming with narrative inventions. Enough to make it one of the sagas of the moment, thanks to Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi : to be continued with a volume 23 surprising!

Dr Stone

Reality Quest, Volume 1 – Lee Joowon, Taesung (Kamondo Books)

What if a virtual role-playing game interfered in the real world? It is the concept of Taesung and Lee Joowon in RealityQuestfrom which the volume 1 this month of January. We follow the daily life of a young geek, Su Hyeon Kim, whose life changes overnight following the appearance of a quest in his life. Mixing influences from video games and manga, this new series will appeal to anyone who wants to see how fiction shapes our relationship to the world!

reality quest

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