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The new generation of anime is a total reality, and it is that the greats of shonen (anime for adolescents) have given the baton to other great titles that have come to us in recent years. We could name many of these, such as My Hero Academia either demon slayerbut probably one of the most important at present is the case of Jujutsu Kaisen. Also, we can say that this is a curious case, because we are talking about an anime that comes from a manga, as in all cases, but the curious thing is that it comes from a manga that was not excessively popular either. It has been after the success of the anime when the publication of the manga has become a complete success among the public, something that we can also attribute to its main person: Yuji Itadori.

This is not an article for analyze the reasons behind the great success of Jujutsu Kaisen, because that would give for many words, but if we can, it may be, perhaps, its animation style and the interesting story but reminiscent of other works at the same time, although its characters may also be partly to blame (in a good way ). In this sense, we can say that the central piece of the cast of characters is, as in practically any work of fiction, the protagonist of the story, being in this case Yuji Itadori.

Next we will tell you some of the most interesting curiosities about this character, for which it is necessary that we notify you that there is a possibility that there will be spoilers below, especially about the animesince we will try to talk as little as possible about the manga, in order to avoid gutting the story in full.

The current vessel of the Sukuna

We already told you at the time all the curiosities of Sukuna, but it was also clear that at some point we would have to talk about its recipient: our protagonist, Yuji Itadori. This should be known by anyone who has seen the first chapter of the anime, and it doesn’t take long for him to appear, but in essence he does this by eating a finger of this character. This brings him bad consequences, such as the fact that Sukuna occupies his body from time to time, which ends up causing him momentary death, but also allows him to enter the school of wizardry in Tokyo.

In essence, we can say that the fact of Yuji becomes Sukuna’s vessel. It turns out to be the catalyst of the story, in addition to a good conflict or drama for this character, and it is that he does not know when this demon can take control of his body. Even so, our protagonist has shown several times during the series that he is capable of containing Sukuna in most situations, which is why this mentioned possession only occurs in a few moments.

A very popular character, as expected

This is already a classic in curiosities articles, and it is always very interesting to know how popular a character is for manga readers. As you know, especially if you have read our article on the curiosities of Yuta Okkotsuuntil the date of writing this article Two popularity polls have been conducted on the Jujutsu Kaisen manga.. Next we will reveal what positions our protagonist, Yuji Itadori, was in.

Getting to the point, as expected, Yuji ranked first in the first popularity poll. from the Jujutsu Kaisen manga, but this was not the case in the second. Specifically, in the second poll he got third placebeing surpassed by Megumi Fushiguro as first and Satoru Gojo as second.

Yuji Itadori

This is the origin of its name

We are quite used to the names of anime characters having a deep meaning, and we can say that in this case it is so, although it is somewhat more natural than normal. Getting into the matter, according to Gege Akutami, author of Jujutsu Kaisen, the name of this character (Yuji) comes from the name of a classmate, because basically I wanted it to be as realistic as possible. On the contrary, the surname Itadori comes from the name of a certain medicinal herbsomething that can refer to the kind personality of this character.

Yuji Itadori

some quick facts

This is an all-in-one curiosity, because below we will reveal several details about Itadori that we were able to learn thanks to the first volume of the manga (in which they told us a lot about this character) and an interview that the mangaka gave a while agoin which he also told us many interesting facts about this character.

  • He is 15 years old at the time the manga begins.
  • His birthday is the 20th of March.
  • At the start of the manga he measures 1.73 metersalthough it was also made clear that during the course of the manga he would continue to grow, due to his age.
  • weighs only 80 kg.
  • One of his great hobbies is watching television.hence his special training to be a sorcerer seemed like a good idea to him.
  • Her favorite food is a bowl of rice with things on top and classic Japanese noodles. On the other hand, unlike most characters, he doesn’t hate any food, because he already showed us at the beginning of the series that he wasn’t very exquisite when it comes to food, eating Sukuna’s finger without blinking.
  • Although it may seem so, Yuji Itadori’s hair is not dyedbut we are talking about his natural hair color.

Yuji eating Sukuna finger

dead and undead at the same time

As we said before starting, there were going to be spoilers for the first season of the anime, and as you all know, and as we previously mentioned, during this season Yuji is temporarily dead, although to be more specific, he commits suicide to protect to a friend and then it is Sukuna who revives him. Well, according to the author of the original manga, this was a litmus test for the series and the character.

In essence, I had planned that if the manga was not successful it would leave the character dead after thisbut apparently he was surprised by the number of readers that the manga had (a quantity that later rose even more with the broadcast of the anime), which made him revive it in the way we all saw it, thus continuing the story of our protagonist.

Sukuna with heart in hand

With this you can already know many interesting curiosities about Yuji Itadori, the protagonist of one of the most popular anime today, which will soon receive a second season.