These are the most popular Jujutsu Kaisen characters and you won’t believe who’s the first

Jujutsu Kaisen He has finally revealed the list of his most popular wizards among the fandom, however, we have found a series of surprises in said survey, mainly because it is not Gojo who heads it.

The results of the second popularity poll conducted on Jujutsu Kaisen anime were published in the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump. In this regard, we know that neither Yuji, like Gojo, they are in the first place. Conversely, Megumi Fushiguro, with a total of 19,393 votes, he took first place as the most famous sorcerer among fans of this series. Despite not being the first on this list, Gojo it was not far behind. He obtained second place with a total of 14,359 votes; Meanwhile, Yuji Itadori won in third place with 13,265 votes. And, to our amazement, Suguru Geto it came in fourth with 10,345 votes. To continue with all the surprises that the survey has in store for us, the absences of Maki Y Nobara were notable in the expected top 10 most famous people of Jujutsu Kaisen Manga. But, about it, Nobara I was ranked 11th and Maki, in 12. This is the complete list of the 10 most popular characters:

  1. Megumi Fushiguro
  2. Gojo Satoru
  3. Yuji Itadori
  4. Suguru Geto
  5. Kento Nanami
  6. Toge Inumaki
  7. Choso
  8. Yuta Okkotsu
  9. Toji Fushiguro
  10. Naoya Zenin

Curiously, Gege Akutami, the creator of the manga, was ranked number 21 in the survey, although it is not exactly a character in the series.

Why Megumi Fushiguro?

Apparently, the character of one of the protagonists of Jujutsu Kaisen, Megumi Fushiguro, serious, reserved and calm has generated many emotions among the fandom. So much so that he earned first place in popularity, even above the characters we thought would appear in his post.

Megumi Fushiguro, a tall, dark-haired, unkempt, and “erratic” freshman, thus described by Gege Akutami, is characterized by wearing the standard uniform of the Technical College of Metropolitan Magic. He is a companion of Yuji Itadori Y Nobara Kugisaki. He was born with the talent of making use of the Ten Kinds Shadow Technique and could be the next head of the Clan Zenin.

Although he appears to be calculating and indifferent, his desire to help people he considers good and kind has led him to seek that opportunity, since he believes that they are the ones who really deserve to live. But, on the other hand, his insensitivity towards the punishment or death that criminals and murderers receive is a very particular characteristic of his personality, since he considers that they should not be saved in any way. Fushiguro He believes that the world is unfair and, therefore, with his shamanic powers, he has contributed to helping his classmates of those typical school “bullies”. And finally, due to the evolution of his personality, the public has been so impressed by this important character and has achieved the first position of popularity in the top 10 of the series.

What do you think? What is your favorite character?