These mangas and webtoons that we want to see under the tree! – melty

Christmas is coming soon ! Less than 10 days away, maybe you’re running out of ideas for gifts? Here is a selection of manga that can inspire you!

The kick-off for the last Christmas gifts is given! You only have nine days left (if you shop on December 24) to find the last gifts! And maybe you lack inspiration? Or maybe you still don’t know what to ask Santa this year? As a good manga and anime fan, you certainly know best-selling manga in 2022 and so you are looking for something new, fresh. Something off the beaten track!

Do not worry ! I thought of everything to help you! I immersed myself, for you, in the manga libraries of the team, in the latest releases from publishers to offer you something you will remember. In this list, forget the big hits like Jujutsu Kaisen Where chain saw man, I wanted to offer you titles that you probably wouldn’t have thought of! Here are five titles that we absolutely want to see under the tree this year!

Let’s Play – Kotoon & the Webtoon App (until Season 3)

Well, we all know it, webtoon is flooding the world and becoming one of the most popular formats. Of course, among the most popular are Solo Leveling, Lore Olympus or True Beauty. But there is one you may not have heard of. It is let’s play the first volume of which has just been released by Kotoon.

In let’s play, we follow Sam, a young video game developer whose dream is to join a production studio. In order to realize her dream, she will publish on Indigineer, a platform dedicated to independent games, her first video game: Ruminate. Bad luck for her, a streamer, Marshall Law, will simply knock out the game in his videos. Fans of the latter will then hasten to destroy Ruminate’s developer note. But chance will want Marshall to become Sam’s new neighbor. An unexpected upheaval in the life of the young woman, an extreme introvert.

To be honest, if let’s play fell through the mesh of your webtoon net, go read the series! After reading the first paper volume, I rushed to the application webtoon to read the other chapters. And even having read all the available chapters, having it in paper format is much more pleasant. And I can’t wait: for the series to resume! The last time I was so excited was with Lore Olympusa series that I highly recommend if you haven’t read it!

Deep Sea Aquarium Magmell – Vega-Dupuis

Deep Sea Aquarium Magmell is available from Vega-Dupuis.

If you read my fortnightly picks, you’ve most likely seen me highly recommend the series. Deep Sea Aquarium Magmell from home Vega Dupuis. Well know that I will continue to talk about it until all the manga fans have looked into this little nugget! Yes, this series is clearly one of my favorites and I can only recommend it.

Kotaro is passionate about abyssal creatures. To be closer to them and continue to learn about them, he joined the Deep Sea Aquarium Magmell team, a one-of-a-kind aquarium. By diving alongside it, you will meet these mysterious creatures that inhabit the abyss and that we only very rarely see on the surface. But do not have any illusions, by discovering the people of the depths, you will also discover more about the human being.

When I first discovered Deep Sea Aquarium Magmell, it is by the cover of the first volume. The title is categorized in seinen because it addresses themes with which the youngest could have difficulty. However, and I don’t know how to explain how the author achieves this, each story is treated with the greatest delicacy, the greatest empathy. Behind the awareness of the protection of all living beings, Sugishita Kiyomi, the author of Deep Sea Aquarium Magmellmanages to transmit to us values ​​and essential lessons of life.

Roommates Their Way – Nobi-Nobi

Roommates in their own way

Roommates Their Way is available at Nobi-Nobi.

Roommates in their own way is a rather discreet series, but very interesting to read. When I started reading the first volume, it was without much conviction. However, I quickly changed my mind. And although the series is considered a shojo, it can be aimed at anyone (like what, beware of labels).

The story immerses us in the daily life of Subaru Mikazuki, an author of detective stories, misanthropic and very introverted. For him, people are a source of nuisance to be avoided whatever happens and he does everything in his power to avoid human contact. Victim of the phenomenon of the blank page, he stumbles upon a stray cat who will trigger a flash of inspiration. He will then decide to adopt him and call him Haru and to be inspired by the behavior of the feline for his new novel. A radical change of life for our two friends, who each share their point of view with us.

In fact, Roommates in their own way isn’t just about a budding friendship between a human and a cat. The show is all about loneliness, the benefits of having a pet (whether it’s a dog or a cat), that sort of thing. The story is full of sweetness and the fact that the story splits into two points of view, Subaru’s and Haru’s, is particularly funny. Of course, we can easily find ourselves in Subaru’s thoughts, but Haru’s interpretations of certain situations are just hilarious. Roommates in their own way is a story full of sweetness and humor that should appeal to adults and children alike.

Mukai – Omake Books

When I saw mukai in bookstores, I honestly wondered what it was all about. I read a lot of shōnen like The attack of the Titans, Jujutsu Kaisen Where chain saw man (even if these three deserve to pass seinen). Like you, I know the codes. And with the development of French and European creation, I said to myself “why not? “.

Mukai is an energetic teenager who lives on his grandfather’s dairy farm with his little brother. While he lives a peaceful life, everything will change during one night. That night, he will have an almost real nightmare in which a huge monster gouges out his grandfather’s eyes. It is only when he wakes up that he discovers the horror: his grandfather has indeed lost his sight. Determined to avenge his grandfather, Mukai will then go in search of this monster. But what was his surprise to discover that it is a demon that he will have to fight in the kingdom of dreams?

Well, honestly, I’m not at all the target of mukai. Nevertheless, for a young boy who wants to start the manga, the title could be perfect. Kriko Jr has managed to appropriate the screenplay and visual codes of the genre. Only downside, which is personal, I did not appreciate at all that at the end of each chapter, the author adds a note to create suspense. I found it a bit heavy. But the manga is still interesting and a great reference for the youngest who would like to start the manga.

Yasei no Last Boss – Doki-Doki

Yasei no Last Boss

Yasei no Last Boss is available from Doki-Doki.

Yasei no Last Boss is an isekai released in France on the occasion of JapanExpo. When I walked through the publishers aisle, I was drawn to the cover of the title. And while there are plenty of isekai in the world of manga or Japanese animation, this one surprised me surprisingly. Originally published as a novel, the story should appeal to many readers.

Luphas Mafahl is a powerful and feared woman in the world of Exgate Online, an MMORPG. Defeated by the union of seven heroes, she should never have resurfaced. At least that’s what everyone believed. But his player was summoned into the game as his avatar, 200 years after the battle with the heroes. He discovers a world where balance hangs by a thread and in which his henchmen seek revenge. Luphas decides to take responsibility and put this world back on the right track.

When you start a new isekai, you often expect to find the same bases and the same functioning. And that’s the case. Except that in this case, our hero is a man embodied in the body of a magnificent woman feared and dreaded by all. He discovers that every action, even the most benevolent, necessarily has unexpected consequences that must be assumed. While reading Yasei no Last Boss, I was surprised by Luphas’ empathy, her need to care for others and protect others, while she is portrayed as a tyrant. And beyond that, I especially had a great time to the point of simply linking the first three volumes.