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By Juliet

– Posted on 05 Dec 2022 at 09:00

January is approaching and with it its new batch of anime! But which series(es) to watch?! We take stock and offer you a selection!

The fall 2023 season has been particularly on the side of Japanese animation. Whether with titles like chain saw man, Blue Lock, My Hero Academia or Spy x Family, fans had something for everyone. Only huge downside: the lack of broadcast of the last season of BLEACH in France. Because yes, for the moment, we still don’t know when Disney+which has just made official its exclusive partnership with Kodansha, will deign to legally broadcast one of the most anticipated series. And with the announcement of the exclusive Season 2 of tokyo revenge on the streaming platform of disneymany fans have questions.

Nevertheless, the autumn season is coming to an end and it is time, for you and for us, to watch the winter 2023 program. Of course, certain series like The attack of the Titans, Vinland Saga Where By The Grace of the Gods will be part of the hits not to be missed. But are there any other anime that might be interesting? We have prepared a selection for you that should give you some ideas about the anime to watch from next January! Let’s go!

The Tale of the Outcasts

Published in France by the publishing house Doki-Doki (50 Shades of Bold, Mushoku Tensei), The Tale of the Outcastsalso called The Tale of the Outcasts, is a rather discreet series. Completed in eight volumes, it is in January that you will be able to discover its animated adaptation produced by the studio Ashi Productions. And if you like dramatic stories where the supernatural has its place, we really advise you, not only to read the manga, but also to watch this anime.

Very concretely, the story sends us to London, at the end of the 19th century, alongside Marbas, a Great Red Devil, and Wisteria, a young girl who has not really had a chance in life. Both live a solitary life, but one that will bring them together. In order to save his friend, Wisteria decides to make a pact with Marbas and offer him his eyes. From there, our two lonely souls will live on the roads and realize that life is not necessarily what they expected.

The Tale of the Outcasts is not a series that you can really fit into boxes. So yes, it uses certain codes, but it is interesting to see how the author, Makoto Hoshino, is interested in the principle of pariahs. We are right immersed alongside two characters that society does not want to see and against whom it will do anything. But very often, between what society wants and what it has, there is a gap. And it is precisely this difference that takes on its full importance in this series.

The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague

End of June, just before JapanExpo and the summer holidays, we were already talking to you about this novelty from Mangetsu : The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague. In France, the manga is published under the title The Ice Guy and the Cool Girl. Like some manga like The Way of the Apron, it is not really a story that follows, but rather a series of small stories whose background is the rapprochement between Himuro, a descendant of a snow woman (also called yuki-onna) , and his colleague Fuyutsuki. Rather discreet in France, the series will soon reveal its animated adaptation produced by the studios free and Zero-G.

Currently, three volumes are available from us. But if you like romantic comedies, then The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague is simply the perfect series! We see the small attentions of each other, but also the clumsiness, which makes the story particularly touching. Especially since, if we have to be honest, Himuro’s reactions are simply hilarious. Because even if he tries to be as zen as possible, his emotions show up and give rise to particularly cute situations.

Monogatari – Spirits Seekers

It is in 2019 that the manga Monogatariknown to us as Spirit Seekersarrives in the catalog of the publishing house Pika Edition. Today, 13 are available and if you are interested in stories at the Jujutsu Kaisen, for example, it is really a title not to be missed. And finally, the series is entitled to an animated adaptation produced by the studio BANDAI NAMCO Pictures. Just like the two titles we mentioned to you just before, Monogatari will be broadcast on Crunchyroll from January 9th. However, it is unknown how many episodes there will be in all.

Regarding the story, you will be immersed alongside the young Kunato Hyouma, a teenager who deeply hates the marebito, these spirits who have possessed ancient objects and acquired a physical form. Coming from a family of saenome, whose goal is to peacefully return the marebito to their world, Hyouma witnessed the deaths of his family members caused by a marebito. Unfortunately, his dislike of these spirits prevents him from practicing his profession as he should. His grandfather will therefore send him to live with Nagatsuki Botan, a young woman who lives in harmony with a group of marebito. Needless to say, things aren’t going to be easy at all.