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the japanese portal FRONT published an article recovering a comment made on Redditwhich ensured that one of the strengths of the franchise of jujutsu kaisenWhat possibly fueled its popularity is the fact that the female characters are not portrayed as weak.

«“Jujutsu Kaisen” is a manga by Gege Akutami, and the animated series and film productions based on it have gained worldwide popularity. The story and character design work is an important element in the franchise, but the proper design of the female characters was one of the reasons why so many people abroad apparently liked “Jujutsu Kaisen”.».

«A user on the American messaging site Reddit posted the opinion of another user with the thought that “This comment really said everything I was thinking about the female characters in Jujutsu Kaisen“, which received many positive votes. The review in question wrote: “I love how when Yuji brings Nobara they don’t use that moment to make her look weak, and they don’t force the stale romance into an embarrassed mess. She just thanks him as friends and continues to be the great girl that she is.».

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«The way women have often been portrayed in works of animation and fiction has been problematic, as it has made women appear weak and not equal to men. There are also a lot of unnecessary romantic developments, as if a man and a woman are thought to always be in a romantic relationship when they appear. Some fans have high hopes for the future of Nobara and Itadori’s relationship, but it’s clear that Nobara is not portrayed as the weak side of either.».

«Also, since it was the 24th episode of the animated version that was used as an example for the introduction, many fans abroad were struck by that famous line: “She also tells him: “I’ll have your back”» says one comment. «That’s my favorite part, she doesn’t even hesitate to say it when he picks her up» says another. “It was really refreshing to hear her simply say “Thanks, I’ll have your back”, instead of complaining about being carried or being annoying in some other way. This shows that Nobara is serious about her work and knows when to let go of her pride.says another».

«Actually, there are many women who perform their work at a high level in many professions, but the representation of many women in fiction as “unable to work” or as weak has not ceased to be a constant, and some viewers, including women, have a strong suspicion that some carry the idea to real life. Many women say that these female characters annoy them and that they don’t like them even though they are women. Thus, many fans claim that, although Jujutsu Kaisen is a work of fiction, Nobara is represented as a real woman.».

Source: FRONT

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