They find a funny connection between Hunter x Hunter and Jujutsu Kaisen | Spaghetti Code

Everything seems to indicate that fans of Hunter x Hunter They are still waiting for the return of Yoshihiro Togashi, as well as some characters like Gon and his companions, after the last chapter of the manga in the magazine. Weekly Shōnen Jump in 2018, however, it seems that the franchise is being reviewed in detail by them and they have found an interesting connection.

all the followers of Hunter x Hunter have detected a similarity that can be somewhat hilarious between some characters, especially one of the most popular works of the moment such as jujutsu kaisensince it seems that both franchises have something in common that we had never realized.

Through Twitter, a user identified as All Vibe Anime, shared a comparison between the two great works, especially in the similarity between two characters like killua and Isaac of Hunter x Hunter and Gojou and Yoshinobu’s jujutsu kaisen.

Killua along with his partner in his adventures meets Isaac, an old man considered one of the most powerful Nen users in the world, while in jujutsu kaisen they have their own old resident and it’s Yoshinobu, who even has a few clashes with the eccentric Gojou.

Certainly something that might look like something quite similar, especially since Isaac and Yoshinobu are two bald old men with long beardsin addition to the eyebrows, while Killua and Gojou are young and have white hair..

So far there is no stipulated date for the return of Hunter x Hunterbut fans do not lose hope that he will return and there may be a conclusion to this highly acclaimed history. Do you think that Hunter x Hunter and jujutsu kaisen have more things in common?


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