They give a visual preview of Jujutsu Kaisen season 2

Without a doubt, one of the animes that is expected to resurface with the second season is jujutsu kaisen, that’s because it’s a fresh proposition that took animation fans by surprise. And now, while the wait comes to an end, it has been decided to give a preview of what fans can expect, this through a new image on social networks.

Within this, the arc that the new chapters will address is mentioned, this being the one of “The Shibuya Incident”, in turn, it is mentioned that the season will come in two practically consecutive parts. This means that users will not have to wait for the arrival of more chapters after some cliffhanger, this happened with works like Spy X Family.

Here the image:

For those who don’t know jujutsu kaisenThis is its synopsis:

Yuji Itadori is a boy with tremendous physical strength, although he lives a completely ordinary high school life. One day, in order to save a classmate who has been attacked by curses, he eats Ryomen Sukuna’s finger, taking the curse to his own soul. From then on, he shares a body with Ryomen Sukuna. Guided by the most powerful of sorcerers, Satoru Gojo, Itadori is admitted to Tokyo Jujutsu High School, an organization that fights against curses… and thus begins the heroic story of a boy who became a curse to exorcise a curse, a life that could never go back.

Remember that the second season arrives at Crunchyroll in 2023.

Via: Crunchyroll