They turn Yuji Itadori into an ANBU hunter with a Naruto and Jujutsu Kaisen crossover

jujutsu kaisen gives us an unexpected but incredible crossover with Naruto thanks to this fan art that has turned Yuji Itadori into an ANBU hunter ready to give his life to defend Konoha from any threat.

Sukuna’s vessel shows a very different side to that of a sorcerer, now taking whatever it takes to welcome his new homeland as a shinobi from the Hidden Leaf Village. And Yuji doesn’t do it empty-handed, Well, he is ready for battle with everything and his white mask and the uniform of the special corps of hunters.

In addition, the new ANBU style does not look bad on Yuji Itadorishowing that not only in his Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College uniform can he be a great warrior, even when not using the power of Sukuna’s evil spirit:

Image: BOXENZ/Reddit

This amazing fanart of jujutsu kaisen Y Naruto It was made by the illustrator BOXENZ, who shares it on Reddit. Furthermore, Yuji was not the only one who received this treatment as part of the hunter corps, but also hinata hyuga did with another impressive illustration. Do you like this version of Itadori turned ANBU hunter?

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 became one of the movies most successful anime in japan and in the rest of the world, leaving theaters at the end of May. For its part, we are still waiting for the second season of the anime of the sorcerers, although at this rate it seems that we will not be able to see it until next year. Not everything is bad news for the series, because the manga is still best seller of the yearensuring a promising future for the franchise.


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