This horror anime is getting a live-action series on Netflix, fans sweat

After Death Note, Dragon Ball, Attack on Titan and One Piece, it’s the turn of another extremely popular manga to have its adaptation into a live-action series. We give you the first information.

live action series

The success of manga attracts the film industry. With the craze that has been created around the world of Japanese comics, many producers are now interested in the most popular manga. Several live-action series are emerging. Death Note had its adaptation, but to the dismay of the fans, it was not successful. Many have had the impression of seeing their favorite work being massacred.

Recently it is One Piecethe most popular manga of the last decade which is going to have its own live-action series, in collaboration with netflix. This time it’s the turn of Parasitethe horror thriller, released between 1988 and 1994 to have his live-action series.

Parasite, future success or future turnip?

manga Parasite of the author Hitoshi Iwaaki was a big hit in the 1990s in Japan. Since netflix picked up the rights to publish the anime on its streaming platform, a wider audience was able to experience this work which inspired some of the best-selling manga of all time like Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer Where attack on titan. Seen the feedback on the film Death Note Where Dragon Ball Evolutionfans show some reluctance when a manga turns into live-action.

But the identity of the director will perhaps reassure the entire otaku community. These are South Korean producers who have worked with Yeon Sang-ho(The Last Train to Busan) who will take care of the adaptation. For the moment no date has been announced, but it will probably be necessary to wait until end of 2023, beginning of 2024 to see the result.