This manga halfway between Naruto and Harry Potter is finally back after a long break

news culture This manga halfway between Naruto and Harry Potter is finally back after a long break

Manga well known to fans of shônen, Black Clover should be back soon in Japan and France. Something to worry fans, who fear the treatment of the back cover.


  • “I’m going to take a long break”
  • Kazé Crunchyroll annoys fans for… the manga installment

“I’m going to take a long break”

Less popular than One Piece, Jujutsu Kaisen or chain saw manmanga BlackClover nevertheless enjoys a certain notoriety. Witness the more than 150 episodes broadcast on Japanese television as well as the thirty-two volumes already published in Japan (Weekly Shōnen Jump) and in France (Kazé). Nevertheless, it’s been a few months since the manga has been pre-published on the Japanese archipelago: its author, Yûki Tabata, took a break in order to come back fully pumped up for the writing of the final arc:

If I had to follow my own feelings, I would have continued to draw tirelessly. But after having a thorough discussion with the editorial department, and in order to be able to draw the manuscripts for the final arc as well as possible, I will take a long break. I feel sorry for all the readers who look forward to the series every week. Black Clover is going to get even more exciting and I will come back to put all my strength and mind to complete it properly, so I hope you can wait until then.

As a reminder, Black Clover tells the story of two orphans named Asta and Yuno. They both seek to become the most powerful wizard in the land, the so-called Emperor-Mage. When they turn 15, they both go to the grimoires ceremony: the essential tool for anyone who wants to become a mage. Yuno then receives a grimois with a four-leaf clover, synonymous with great power, while Asta… receives nothing. But at the end of the ceremony, a brigand tries to steal Yuno’s grimoire: Asta comes to his aid and, cornered, he receives help from a grimoire with a five-leaf clover.

Kazé Crunchyroll annoys fans for… the manga installment

A story, a kind of mix between Harry Potter and Naruto, which seduces… and which was to resume shortly. If we already knew that volume 33 was scheduled for November in Japan, the return was made official recently with the publication of the cover for this new volume. Something that scares fans for France: since September, Kazé has become Crunchyroll. Therefore, some changes have taken place for manga editing.

It is particularly concerning the back cover that fans of Japanese comics express their dissatisfaction. Supporting images, some rightly point out that the slices are no longer identical with the previous ones. A finding that can be observed with that of Mashle : the orange banner located above no longer centers the name of the manga with those of previous volumes. Moreover, the title is also written upside down compared to that of its predecessors. Enough to irritate collectors and who like to have a clean and tidy library.