Top 15 of the best applications to read comics, comics or manga

Like anime that have moved to streaming, digital has also changed the way manga is read. Today, you don’t have to wait for publishers to print books before devouring them. Applications allow otakus and comic book fans to find them online and read to their heart’s content.

We show you here 15 applications available in France on which you can read your mangas, comics and comics. All while ensuring that the mangakas are paid for their work.


14- Manga Storm CBR


It happens to buy its own comics or comics, without wanting to be stuck on a paid reading application. In such a case, opt for Manga Storm CBR. This application allows you to read your manga under CBR, CB7, 7Z, TAR, CBT, CBZ, RAR, ZIP and PDF files from your cloud. In clear terms you can import your manga there and read them on your device according to the reading mode that suits you. In addition, the application automatically records your reading level.

Available on : IOS and Android

Some works to find: None

Advantages : Easy to read — Supports multiple file types — File import

Disadvantages: For reading only – The interface and design are not modern.

14- Manga Dogs


This user-friendly application is very popular with readers in France. In addition to finding manga translated into French, you can activate notifications on your favorite manga. Suggestions related to your reading are also offered. Finally, the application has a community space, where you can talk with other otakus about the manga that have captivated you.

Available on : IOS and Android

Some works to find: Martial Peak, and The Strongest God King

Advantages : 6 languages ​​available – A sleek and dark design – Two reading modes: vertical and horizontal

Disadvantages: Unable to zoom. Too many advertisements

13- INKR Comics, Manga, Webtoons

The Inkr application is not the largest in terms of content (1000 titles available). Yet it has its own charm. It not only brings together popular manga and comics, but is also a real niche for amateur designers and publishers. The latter can earn income through subscriptions. As for the reader, he can experience synchronization of his information and readings on several devices.

Available on : IOS and Android

Some works to find: Tokyo Revengers, Shivers, Bloody Sweet

Advantages : Can be played on multiple devices

Disadvantages: Paid at 5 euros – Little content.

12- WebComics Daily Manga


It’s not just shonen who have the right to digital readers. WebComics takes into account several literary genres. There is romance, fantasy and even action. Stories are uploaded daily on the application, 1000 chapters per day. Even if you are not frequent, you can benefit from the classification proposed by the other readers.

Available on : IOS and Android

Some works to find: Embrace My Sadow, Sloppy First, the Peerless Concubine

Advantages : Engaged Community of Readers – Offline Reading.

Disadvantages: Paid from 5 euros – Platform only in English.



It’s the perfect app for reading novels and even comics. Amazon’s app has a “comics and humor” category. However, it is not easy to read comics on a medium other than Kindle tablets. Moreover, even in case of purchase of comics, it is impossible to import them to another application.

Available on : IOS and Android

Some works to find: l’Envolée sauvage, the Blondes, Mafalda.

Advantages : Vast and rich comic book library – Place for buying and reading comic strips.

Disadvantages: Average reading experience on an IOS or Android device.

10- Viz Manga


Android lovers can congratulate themselves on having one of the best manga applications for themselves. Indeed, it allows its users to discover the latest manga releases at the same time as in Japan. It also has offline reading and a bookmark option. Thanks to it, it is possible to save your current manga and come back to read it later.

Available on : Android

Some works to find: My Hero Academia, Tokyo Ghoul, Death Note

Advantages : Simultaneous Release Only in Japan — Offline Playback

Disadvantages: Only manga works.

9- Dark Horse Comics

The designers at Dark Horse Comics decided to go against the grain of their competitors. While the others are content to offer comics, Dark Horse Comics is a place to buy comics, a manager and a reader of comic books at the same time. In addition, the application offers free comics from the outset to entice readers. Even if these various things are interesting, the reading experience is not great.

Available on : IOS and Android

Some works to find: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Berserk, The Legend of Zelda

Advantage : Place to buy, manage and read comics.

Inconvenience : Only in English.

8- Tapas


Tapas is our favourite. The application does not offer manga. She specialized in comics and novels. She thus offers short stories on themes of romance, science fiction, etc. You will find amateur and popular authors there. Part of Tapas content is free, and part Premium. The platform has set up a remuneration system to reward regular readers. So for any advertisement you watch, you can earn money or bonuses allowing you to access premium content.

Available on : IOS and Android

Some works to find: The lady with a mask, Green&Gold, A villain demands to be loved

Advantages : Reader satisfaction

Disadvantages: No manga content.

7- WebToon


It’s not just comics, comics and manga that are eligible for apps. Webtoons are becoming more and more democratized. This is where the application of the same name WebToon comes in. The big advantage of the application is that you can read from top to bottom. In addition to being free, the application has original stories that it renews daily. But it does not stop there. WebToon includes an editor that allows its users to create their own webtoons, and distribute them on its platform.

Available on : IOS and Android

Some works to find: Let’s play, Tower of God, Adventures of God

Advantages : Free – Available in French – Easy to read by scrolling down – WebToon editor to create your own story

Disadvantages: No popular manga.

6- Crunchyroll Manga


In addition to providing anime, Crunchyroll has an app for reading the manga it streams. You will find there the chapters of your manga as soon as they are published in Japan. The little extra is that manga are divided into many genres. It almost feels like a copy of the streaming site.

Available on : IOS and Android

Some works to find: Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, The Rising of the Shield Hero

Advantages : Chapters available simultaneously in Japan

Disadvantages: Only in English.

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5- BDBuzz


If a lot of people are moving towards the digital format these days, it’s a lot more because books and comics take up a lot of space. And let’s face it: it’s not very ecological. BDBuzz comes to fix these difficulties. Indeed, the application allows you to carry and manage your comic library everywhere with you. To do this, simply scan the barcode of your comic and import it into the BDBuzz application. You can also make purchases there.

Available on : IOS and Android

Some works to find: Carthago, Lucky Lucke

Advantages : Management and purchase of comics.

Disadvantages: Not all comics and comics are scanned.

4-Marvel Unlimited


It’s the platform par excellence if you want to have the whole MCU at your fingertips. Spider Man, Wonder Woman or even the Avengers will no longer hold any secrets for you. In exchange for a small fee, you have unlimited access to their adventures. Regarding the reading, it is quite simple. On the other hand, you will not be able to zoom in on the drawings and even less have the number of the pages you are leafing through.

Available on : IOS and Android

Some works to find: Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, X-Men

Advantages : Offline Reading – Ability to read on multiple devices.

Inconvenience : Unable to zoom in on images.


It would not have been conceivable to make a top of the best manga reading apps without including MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA. This application is third in our ranking. It belongs to Shueisha, the official publishing house of popular manga such as Dragon Ball, Bleach, Naruto or Assassination Classroom. In addition to being available in France, this application is translatable from Japanese to French.

Available on : IOS and Android

Some works to find : Dragon Ball, Bleach, Jujutsu Kaisen, Naruto

Advantages : The application is free – Offline reading – Rich and dynamic community.

Disadvantages : Are only present on this platform the mangas of the publishing house.

2- Comixology

As its name implies, ComiXology is meant to be a catch-all. In all, nearly 200,000 mangas and comics can be found there. The platform brings together works from different publishers: Marvel, DC, Viz, Glénat and its own original creations. Navigation is quite easy and you can even read your own comics via Kindle.

Available on : IOS and Android

Some works to find: The Boys, The Walking Dead, the entire MCU.

Advantages : Subscription direct through your Amazon Prime Membership – Offline Reading.

Disadvantages: Importing comics into a collection is not possible.

1- Izneo

Izneo is number 1 in our ranking. Whether it’s comics, manga or comics, the application has something to seduce you. ComiXology’s main competitor in France, it has integrated publishers such as Atlantic BD, Gallimard, Dupuis, Kana, Dargaud, and Fluide Glacial into its catalog. In addition, readers have the option of reading both in horizontal and landscape mode.

Available on : IOS and Android

Some works to find: Naruto, Spirou and Fantasio, Deadpool, Star Wars, the Sisters

Advantages : Offline reading – No advertising – Exclusivity on the works of certain publishers.

Disadvantages: Importing comics into a collection is not possible.